1 – Home


There’s no place like home!  

Well this is often true, but if you’re stuck there because some daft individual whacked you up your rear end, resulting in whiplash and a lengthy time away from the job you love, home isn’t such a great place!

This is precisely what happened to my good friend Lucy early in 2015.

To cheer her up and hopefully speed her recovery I enlisted the help of my other good friend Morris Mouse, who’d recently set out on a travelling adventure.  Being a keen artist and writer Morris was only too happy to oblige when I suggested to him the idea of sending the odd postcard or letter to Lucy whilst on his travels.

This blog is an account of the postal adventures of Morris Mouse, we hope you enjoy it as much we do!

Lynn, Lucy and Morris


Morris would love to know what you think of his letters and postcards.  He loves chatting writing and tapping away on a keyboard, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style. 

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


    1. Thank you Kelli, it’s very nice to meet you too. Hope you enjoy my adventures! I’m a very good mouse but beware of my mates, they can be a bit cheeky. 🐭❤️


    1. Hi Sonya,

      What a great idea, posting cards to fellow humans all around the world. I’ve just had a quick look at your blog over my morning cup of hazelnut coffee, I will definitely take some time to go back and read some of the interesting articles that have caught my mouse eye. Feel free to share my adventures on your blog. M.M.


    1. Hi Jan, I do know a few Faeries. They are really naughty you know, always wanting lifts everywhere. Us mice and rabbits can’t go anywhere in the woods without being asked for a lift. xx M.M.


    1. Thank you for the complements Jerrella, it was really nice of Postcrossing to share my work. If you want to keep up with my postcards and letters you can sign up for email alerts on the blog CONTACT page. Much love MORRIS MOUSE 🐭


  1. Hello Morris,
    Happy greetings from the Netherlands!
    Thanks to Postcrossing I discovered your wonderful Postal Adventures today.
    It’s such a lovely idea and I’m sure you’re making Lucy very happy.
    I also love to draw on my postcards but your illustrations are just wonderful. You inspire me! (^_^)
    I’ve already signed up for email alerts to follow your Blog and I can’t wait to read about your next adventure.
    Enjoy your journey.


    1. Hi Barbara,

      Proper chuffed that you are inspired by my little sketches. The lovely people at Postcrossing have sent lots of new friends to my blog and for that I am truly grateful. Would be most interested to see one of your postcard sketches, feel free to visit my Facebook page and maybe share your doodles with me there. Kindest Regards, MORRIS MOUSE.


      1. Thank you for your reply.
        I’m not always confident in my computer skills so I don’t do anything with Facebook. But you can see some of my work and doodles via my profile on Postcrossing (there are two different links). I hope you like it.
        As you may have noticed I tried to comment a second time because I thought I wasn’t succesful the first time. Is it possible to delete that one, because it looks so silly… (-_-;)
        Best wishes, Barbara.


      2. I’ll see if I can get that sorted Barbara, my blog has an ‘approve’ button so posts don’t show up until I approve them and I make sure it’s not any cats leaving rude messages!

        I’ll try and find your profile of Postcrossing, but I’m not a member so hopefully I’ll be able to see it.

        MORRIS MOUSE x


  2. Oh my, thank you so much.
    Your comment makes me happy and very shy.
    I hope that most of the cats can behave themselves and just purr looking at your wonderful work. (=^.^=)


  3. a big piece
    of dutch cheese
    for you morris little mousy,
    for bringing joy to lucy
    in her time of recovery,
    big hug for both of you 🙂

    in our house
    we have coach-surfing
    (written well ?)
    for little mice like you …
    take contact by mail
    if you are interesting
    to stay a while –
    we would like that
    very very much 😉

    groetjes = gonny
    & grandsons


  4. Hello Morris,
    I am so glad to have happened upon your postcard adventures. I look forward to reading and showing my youngest daughter, Avelina (now 10) all the adventures you have got up to so far.
    Warmest Regards – Thenu


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