3 – The Promise of Summer

blog 3

Dear Lucy,

Visiting my mate Roger in Higham to watch the annual Swallow migration.  Summer is on it’s way!

Sending a card of Folkestone, as I reckon the birds stop off there for a well deserved ice-cream after their long journey.  Roger said birds don’t carry money to buy ice-cream but I said it was in their backpacks with the rest of their provisions.

Roger threatened that if I didn’t stop talking rubbish he wouldn’t share anymore of his digestives!  For the sake of more biscuits I agreed to differ.

I love Roger, but he’s a proper div sometimes.


blog 3a

Morris would love to know what you think of his letters and postcards. He loves chatting writing and tapping away on a keyboard, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

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  1. Hey Brian, My first comment, WOW super excited. Thank you!

    In answer to your question, it’s gotta be Digestives. Let’s face it, you can dunk a Hobnob until you’re blue in the face but it won’t concede defeat, but a Digestive, well you just never know when you’re gonna push it too far! Half the fun is chancing that last dunk not knowing if you’re gonna have to dish half the biscuit out of your brew with a spoon. M.M.


  2. Hi Morris, I’m looking forward to following you on your travels……it got me wondering, what is your favourite mode of transport…..I’ve got this image of you on a ‘sit up & beg’ bicycle with a ginormous wicker basket on the front…….or are you rather dashing in a vintage convertable?
    Safe travels Morris


    1. Hi Tracey,
      My favourite form of transport is Steam Train, you’ll see me on one later in my blog. I do have a bike but I’ve left that at the vicarage, I’m hoping the Vicar doesn’t sell it to raise funds for repairs to the vestry toilet. Future plans, I’d quite like to try a magic carpet. M.M.


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