9 – Costa Rica

blog 9

Dear Lucy,

I’m in Costa Rica lending a paw to a really important shark conservation study.

Sadly sharks are a much maligned creature who often get a bad press just for trying to find a spot of lunch.  I was quite safe though as, according to my guides, sharks seldom snack on open water divers due to the gas tanks causing havoc with their digestive systems.

Last week Hugo Hammerhead ended up half way up the Panama Canal after breaking wind off Drake Bay!


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The country of Costa Rica is a world leader in progressive environmental policies.  

Have you ever taken part in a conservation project?   Hit the comments box and tell Morris about your adventures.

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8 – The Beginning of my Adventure – Letter One


14th June 2015

Dear Lucy,

I have found myself with a couple of hours whilst waiting for my train to arrive, so thought I would start to tell you the story of how I began my travels.

Last summer, some months before setting out on my adventure, I was making my usual weekly delivery to the bank in order to deposit the congregational collection into the Vicar’s private bank account at ‘Brumbly, Bumbly and BumbleBee’.  When I started off through the fields it was a glorious, albeit balmy, August day.  However, on hitting Hawthorn Wood a great storm blew up sending horizontal rain into my eyes and leaves up my ears.  Temporarily without my ‘mouse senses’ I had the misfortune of hitting a tree stump which sent me flying arse over the handlebars and through a tiny doorway into the abode of one Sir Winston Woodmouse.

blog 8 part1

Winston, being a thoroughly decent chap, soon had me settled by a roaring fire with a fluffy towel, warm nettle foot-bath and a cup of sweet tea.  As I sipped on my brew Winston began to tell me the story of his life.  Turns out, as a young mouse, he had been a great adventurer and apparently his journey began with the simple task of posting a letter.

blog 8 part2

On the 11th of August 1999 Winston had been in the process of popping an airmail letter off to his cousin in Australia.  Winston recounted that, just as he was posting his letter through the box, the sky turned black as night and the air as cold as winter.  The freak weather conditions sucked Winston through the slot and he found himself whirling and twirling at some considerable speed down a series of tunnels until ending up in a rather disheveled heap amidst a pile of mail within a large sorting office full of mice.

blog 8 part3

It seems that somewhere back in the 1980’s and with the advent of emails, text and serious loads of junk mail, the delivery responsibilities of rare hand written letters and postcards were given over to the job of mice by the Post Office.

Oh must go …. train’s here.  Will tell you the rest in my next letter.

Love Always!  M.M.

blog 8

blog 8a

Can you guess why the weather changed so drastically the day Winston went to post his letter?  Why not Google the date then hit the comments box to tell me what you found out.


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7 – Cat Bells

blog 7

Dear Lucy,

Spent the night up on Cat Bells.

Before leaving the lakes farm, Benjamin gave me a Tam-O’-Shanter, which is a sort of Scottish sleeping bag.  It’s made of the finest Scottish highland wool and has a red pom-pom which is most useful as a book rest.

Overnight Mrs T. Winkle laundered my dirty hankies, which was most handy because the mountain air seems to give one such terrible snots!

Hope this card finds you well.

Love M.M.

Alfred Wainright wrote of Cat Bells “a steep but obviously simple scramble’.  He’d obviously never consulted a mouse on the subject!

Cat Beilds, meaning ‘shelter of the wildcat’.  Thankfully none spotted!

blog 7a

Morris would love to hear about your camping adventures, have you ever encountered any wild beasties whilst under canvas?  Hit the comments box and drop him a line!

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6 – Life’s Full of Snags

blog 6

Dear Lucy,

I’m sad to be saying goodbye to Peter and Benjamin.

As a thank you for all my help Peter has given me one of his brass buttons.  I’ve sewn it on my backpack as I accidentally lost my toggle the other day whilst having a fight with a Gorse bush.  My button will always remind me of Peter and happy times.

Sandwiches packed, I’m setting off for a few days of fell walking!


blog 6a

Morris would love to know if any of his fans have ever been fell walking.  Hit the comments box and share your scrambling experiences!

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