6 – Life’s Full of Snags

blog 6

Dear Lucy,

I’m sad to be saying goodbye to Peter and Benjamin.

As a thank you for all my help Peter has given me one of his brass buttons.  I’ve sewn it on my backpack as I accidentally lost my toggle the other day whilst having a fight with a Gorse bush.  My button will always remind me of Peter and happy times.

Sandwiches packed, I’m setting off for a few days of fell walking!


blog 6a

Morris would love to know if any of his fans have ever been fell walking.  Hit the comments box and share your scrambling experiences!

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Bonjour Morris Mouse,
    Thanks to the Postcrossing blog, I’ve learned about your adventures and your artistic skills. Lucky Lucy! After beiing so unlucky, she’s lucky to have a good friend like you. And now I am lucky too! I can read your lovely postcards online. Your drawings are delightful. At the moment I am housebound too, just like Lucy, and me too, I am very happy with all the snailmail I receive.
    I have a collection of antique/vintage postcards. French, German, English, Dutch. Many have not travelled yet. If you Morris, will travel to one of those countries one day, and you want to send a postcard to Lucy, I’ll be happy to give you a few cards from my collection…..
    Hope to see more of your lovely art!
    Best regards from Pas-de-Calais, France
    Amicalement, Liesbeth


    1. Hi Liesbeth, What a beautiful name you have. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not so well at the moment, and am hoping my blog is helping to cheer you up. Thank you for the offer of postcards, how kind of you, I love old postcards and old bits of paper, there’s so many thing to write and scribble on that I’m surprised more people don’t write letters. Love 🐭 MORRIS MOUSE


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