7 – Cat Bells

blog 7

Dear Lucy,

Spent the night up on Cat Bells.

Before leaving the lakes farm, Benjamin gave me a Tam-O’-Shanter, which is a sort of Scottish sleeping bag.  It’s made of the finest Scottish highland wool and has a red pom-pom which is most useful as a book rest.

Overnight Mrs T. Winkle laundered my dirty hankies, which was most handy because the mountain air seems to give one such terrible snots!

Hope this card finds you well.

Love M.M.

Alfred Wainright wrote of Cat Bells “a steep but obviously simple scramble’.  He’d obviously never consulted a mouse on the subject!

Cat Beilds, meaning ‘shelter of the wildcat’.  Thankfully none spotted!

blog 7a

Morris would love to hear about your camping adventures, have you ever encountered any wild beasties whilst under canvas?  Hit the comments box and drop him a line!

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf

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