12 – The Beginning of my Adventure – Letter Two


August 2015

Dear Lucy,

Tommy’s unfortunate train incident with the tablecloth has given me a chance to sit quietly and catch up on my letter.  I think I left you last time at the point where Winston had landed in a pile of mail.

Well to go on, once Winston had dusted himself down he made his way through the depot. No one noticed him as most of the mice were preoccupied with a mound of lemon meringue doughnuts, brought in for everyone by the birthday boy of that particular day.  At the end of the depot was a heavy wooden door with a glass window marked in fancy gold lettering ‘Postmouster General’, and underneath that a tatty piece of paper reading ‘Leading to Science Lab’.  Winston pushed open the door and on finding no one in the office, carried on through to the lab where he met with a mouse by the name of Herbert, who looked to be working on fixing an old lift.


It seems that whilst bunking off to play a game of marbles behind the packing cases, a few of the young work experience mice had found an old tea chest full of letters from all over history, each with a stamp marked ‘LOST’.  Although franked, these letters never reached their destinations.  To solve this problem Herbert, being something of a genius, was taken off general duties and called upon by the Postmouster to invent a time machine that could get the letters back to the rightful recipients.


By the time Winston arrived the time machine was all set up, but Herbert hadn’t managed to find a suitable vehicle on which to make the time travel complete.  This is where Winston stepped in explaining about the unusual weather events, the airmail letter that had magically quadrupled in size, and his whizzer of a ride down the tunnels that led to the depot.  Concluding that there was something very special about the airmail letter, Winston and Herbert set about folding it into a plane.  They set the destination and date dials on the machine, picked up the first of the lost letters and the rest, as they say, is history!


Winston and Herbert spent the next 10 years travelling through time delivering all the lost post, until every last letter and postcard was returned home.

Winston and Herbert are now 16 which is an unusual age for mice, but they think that has something to do with a fourth dimension and the bending of time.  To be honest I didn’t quite understand what Winston was banging on about, and I sort of drifted off at that point in the story due to having lost half my biscuit down the side of Winston’s armchair.


Must go, we’re pulling into the station and I’ve got to keep an eye on Tommy as he never minds the gap.  Last week he held up the 4.30 from Paddington for 45 minutes whilst guards tried to retrieve his umbrella from under the buffet car!



Morris would love to know what you think of his letters and postcards. He loves chatting writing and tapping away on a keyboard, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


    1. I’d love to make a book Fran, I do love books. One of my favourite places on earth is the big armchair in my friend Winston’s library, I could spend hours there! Maybe when I’ve written a few more letters and got a few more fans I’ll get a book together. 🐭 x MORRIS MOUSE

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