13 – Cap’ain Poldark

blog 13

Dear Lucy,

Finding myself at a loose end whilst Tommy’s off researching Mead production at the local distilleries, I’ve decided to try a spot of open water swimming around the Cornish coast.

Whilst paddling I happened to bump into a local chap by the name of Cap’ain Poldark. He’s something of a hit around these parts especially with the ladies, mainly due to his stunning good looks, kindly nature and propensity for bathing ‘en plein air’ in the buff.

After our swim Poldark offered to give me a tour of his tin mine. His discourse on subterranean geology was most interesting for the first few minutes but my attention drifted after spotting a discarded Cornish pasty on a nearby rock ledge. These really are a marvel of culinary engineering. Designed to provide a whole dinner in one handy pastry parcel there’s meaty bits on one side and fruity bits on the other.  Super yummy!

Tomorrow Ross is going to give me a crash course in looking handsome whilst poncing about in a frock coat.

Much Love,


blog 13a

Morris would love to know what you think of his letters and postcards.   Anyone out there a fan of Cap’ain Poldark, or do you favour other literary greats?  Morris is hoping to meet up with Sherlock Holmes on his travels.  Hit the comments button and let Morris know who you’d like to meet.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Another great postcard! (^_^)
    Cap’ain Poldark is not familiar to me but meeting Sherlock Holmes sounds very exciting to me.
    I think it would be fun to meet and talk to Elizabeth Bennet or Mr. Bennet.
    I hope Lucy will receive your card soon.

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    1. Thank you Barbara – The British Broadcasting Corporation made a great first series of Poldark which was on TV this year, you should try and get to see it. Hmm … May have to check out this Mr Bennet. M.M.

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  2. These postcards are adorable! I don’t know whether I love the illustrations more, to the text. What a delightful combination! I hope you will consider published them in a book at some time in the future.


  3. How wonderful to read yet another postcard adventure of Morris Mouse … and this time in Cornwall. I am also an admirer of Captain Poldark and have followed the recent series on TV (I also enjoyed the original series, with Robin Ellis, back in the 1970s). I didn’t realise that a Cornish pasty had fruity bits in it … I thought it had a savoury filling all the way through!
    I would very much like you to meet Jane Eyre on your travels as she is a highly esteemed heroine of mine.


    1. Yes, the fruity or jam bits were in the original Cornish pasties. My friend Winston has a big encyclopaedia, I shall look up Jane Eyre when I next visit him. 🐭 MORRIS MOUSE


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