16 – One Potato, Two Potato


Dear Lucy,

I’m down at a secret location helping my mate Bertie with a very special event in the badger calendar.  Each year, whilst the rest of the woodland community are busy carving pumpkin lanterns and generally scaring the wits out of each other, badgers gather together to take part in regional heats of the Mr Potato Head Championships.

As a nominated helper, I was permitted to assist with physical labour during the competition, but rules dictated that I had to keep schtum with regards to artistic input (not easy)!

16b 3

However, Bertie is terribly artistic and it came as no surprise to anyone when he won first place.  Sadly, his winning creation won’t be on display in the village hall for a week as is usual after such an event, for on overhearing one of the rabbit judges remark that the winning potato bore a striking resemblance to “our pink faced Prime Minister” Bertie promptly loaded his slingshot and blew its brains out!

16b 2

Mashed potato everywhere, amidst the roar of cheers and whoops from the crowd, Bertie was awarded the Turnip Prize for artistic composition and handed an extra fiver for ‘Services to British Wildlife’.

What a laugh!




Do you love badgers?  Do you believe that they should be left to enjoy countrside competitions without interference from the government?  Have you ever entered a competition and won first prize?  Morris would love to hear from you, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

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15 – Party and Pumpkins


Dear Lucy,

Spending a few days over the Halloween period with friends down at the Whitby Literary Society.  Whitby has long been associated with ‘spooky’ goings on since Irish author Bram Stoker decided to land a vampire here in 1897.

Society secretary Barry Bernard, kicked off our Saturday evening entertainment with a selection of passages from Stoker’s Dracula.  Fortunately, Barry’s recitation was cut short after a strange gurgling sound, which we initially assumed was coming from the dry-ice machine, turned out to be Henry inadvertently trying to drown himself in the crab apple bobbing barrel.  We all warned him that he’d cut his pumpkin eye holes too far apart to be able to see where he was going, but being bloody minded as he is, he wouldn’t listen.

15b 2

Had ‘Boring Barry’ not been living up to his reputation and collective mouse concentration duly waning, I dread to think what might have become of Henry!

Brilliant party nonetheless, with toffee apples, raspberry wine and dancing ’till well past the witching hour!

Happy Halloween!




The postcard Morris has chosen for his postal message is of St Mary’s Church in Whitby which features in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Morris would love to hear from his fans.  Have you ever fallen into an apple bobbing barrel?  Hit the comments box and engage with Morris.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

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14 – Autumn Harvest


Dear Lucy,

Autumn is a busy time in the hedgerows as mice across the land gather nuts, seeds, berries and roots to store for the long winter ahead.

I’m up in Scotland helping Tommy and his pals harvest blackberries and junipers to use in the production of vital winter drinks.  The well organised Barty has kitted us out with armour from Tommy’s ancestral castle, so as to avoid the usual ‘ouchies’ from battle with the thorny brambles.

Once used in the ancient sport of Cat Jousting, the armour is cumbersome but does the job.




Morris would love to know if his fans are keen harvesters.  Share your pickings and recipe ideas with Morris by hitting the comments box.

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