14 – Autumn Harvest


Dear Lucy,

Autumn is a busy time in the hedgerows as mice across the land gather nuts, seeds, berries and roots to store for the long winter ahead.

I’m up in Scotland helping Tommy and his pals harvest blackberries and junipers to use in the production of vital winter drinks.  The well organised Barty has kitted us out with armour from Tommy’s ancestral castle, so as to avoid the usual ‘ouchies’ from battle with the thorny brambles.

Once used in the ancient sport of Cat Jousting, the armour is cumbersome but does the job.




Morris would love to know if his fans are keen harvesters.  Share your pickings and recipe ideas with Morris by hitting the comments box.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Morris,
    The tales of your journeys are very entertaining. Please continue on your journey and keep writing to Lucy. I’m sure she waits breathlessly at her mailbox for your next post to arrive!


    1. Hi Susan, I’m super pleased that you are being entertained by my postcards and letters. Lucy does love my post, she says it makes a change from all the bills and junk mail which are really boring. You can sign up for email alerts so that you never miss the post either. 🐭 MORRIS MOUSE


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