15 – Party and Pumpkins


Dear Lucy,

Spending a few days over the Halloween period with friends down at the Whitby Literary Society.  Whitby has long been associated with ‘spooky’ goings on since Irish author Bram Stoker decided to land a vampire here in 1897.

Society secretary Barry Bernard, kicked off our Saturday evening entertainment with a selection of passages from Stoker’s Dracula.  Fortunately, Barry’s recitation was cut short after a strange gurgling sound, which we initially assumed was coming from the dry-ice machine, turned out to be Henry inadvertently trying to drown himself in the crab apple bobbing barrel.  We all warned him that he’d cut his pumpkin eye holes too far apart to be able to see where he was going, but being bloody minded as he is, he wouldn’t listen.

15b 2

Had ‘Boring Barry’ not been living up to his reputation and collective mouse concentration duly waning, I dread to think what might have become of Henry!

Brilliant party nonetheless, with toffee apples, raspberry wine and dancing ’till well past the witching hour!

Happy Halloween!




The postcard Morris has chosen for his postal message is of St Mary’s Church in Whitby which features in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Morris would love to hear from his fans.  Have you ever fallen into an apple bobbing barrel?  Hit the comments box and engage with Morris.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. I recently discovered your adventures and am trying not to read them all at once. Thank you for sending the packets of postcards so quickly– they will brighten the recipient’s day as they are received and the adventures unfold!

    Liked by 1 person

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