17 – The Beginning of my Adventure – Letter Three




Dear Lucy,

I’m back at the post office depot for a few days to catch up on my letter writing.

The day I crashed at Winston’s house I quite lost track of time and it wasn’t till late afternoon that I remembered I still had to get to the bank.  I only just made it there on time and even after peddling home as fast as I could, it was later than usual by the time I returned.  My late arrival spun the Vicar into a frightful fit due to the apparent absence of his teatime crumpets and my regular polishing of the church brass having not been finished.  As a punishment, the following weekend he demanded I put all the hymnbooks out in preparation for evensong, it took ages and I missed my Sunday episode of Antiques Roadshow, which was a total bummer!

By the next Wednesday I spent the first hour of my visit to Winston bitching about the Vicar over a calming cup of chamomile and rosebud tea. I know it’s not good to talk badly of people, but sometimes a moan and a laugh with a friend helps to put things into perspective. I say ‘moan’ but perhaps that’s putting it lightly, that afternoon the Vicar received such a lambasting I’m surprised his ears weren’t on fire!

17f 2

As the weeks and Wednesday rants went by, Winston suggested that perhaps I needed a change of scene, and concluded that putting a bit of distance between myself and the Vicar might help to calm the waters.  Having no experience of travelling, the thought of hiking miles on foot to far flung places seemed rather daunting until Winston offered to lend me his magic airmail letter.  We spent the next few weeks preparing for my travels.  Winston took me down to the depot for time machine training and also to ‘Mousemart Adventure Supplies’ where he advised on the best kit for my trip. I chose the ‘Poppins’ brand backpack, which, as well as being storm proof boasts the latest STUFFIT technology.  I must say it really does live up to the brand slogan ‘Stuff it full – no weight at all!’ in fact it appears bottom less!  Winston accompanied me on my first trip down the time tunnels, it was a pretty hairy ride but I’m quite used to them now.

17g 2

I’m sitting writing this letter in the depot’s archive office, which is super cosy and run by my friend Millie.  The aroma of fresh percolated coffee is drifting up my nose and although the spare desk is some distance from the fire my toes are quite warm.  Boxes full of interesting items, which have been posted by mistake, surround me.  Lucy, you seriously would not believe the things that people post in a state of absent mindedness, one of the boxes contains a ten year old vacuum packed kipper! (Pip is always trying to get that particular item off the shelf).  Millie lets me rummage through all the old cards, papers and stamps to use in my letter writing.  Her job is to archive all miscellaneous items, draft staffing rotas, deal with postal complaints and sort staff disputes, which she is very good at.

17h 2

Apart from making the best jam tarts in the world, Millie is a volunteer down at the local Mouse Search And Rescue group (MSAR), and she was the first female rescuer to get her pilots licence.  She has a dog named Pip who comes into work with her, I don’t know what breed he is, but he’s the type of dog that likes to put the wind up postmen on their daily rounds.  Pip’s a good boy though, and you can usually get on his right side with the aid of a warm sausage. Millie trained Pip for use on search and rescue missions but he doesn’t go up in the plane because he’s too fat (probably all those sausages).  Pip has excellent built in sniffer technology so he’s more adept at ground rescue.

17j 17k

I’m sending you a photo that Millie found and thought you might like. It’s of a cat.  The cat’s dead now but from the writing on the back of the photo it sounds like she was happy and well loved, precious things that perhaps most of us wish for whilst travelling life’s path.

Hope you are well!



17hThe mice at the depot give Pip a bath every Monday.


N.B. Characters from The Postal Adventures of Morris Mouse are not based on real people.

Morris would love to know what you think of his letters and postcards. He loves chatting writing and tapping away on a keyboard, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


    1. Thank you Valerie, I do worry that I’m banging on a bit and getting a bit boring, but I have so much to tell and it’s sometimes hard to keep things short. 🐭 MORRIS MOUSE


  1. Simply magical! Keep up the good work Morris, you make my day (I love the stamp on the postcard – all stamps should be like that!)


  2. Thank you for, yet again, a lovely story. And I thank my teachers for teaching me English.It is such fun to be able to follow your very Brittish stories and learn more about Brittain and to improve my kowledge of your language. Maybe one day I’ll understand all your witticisms….. It’s half past 8 Greenwich time, Antiques Roadshow is on. But, just like you I am not able to watch it. In the Netherlands I had cable with BBC1 and 2. This is one of the few downsides of living in the french countryside. No BBC…. All the more time to read your adventures!

    p.s do you know the legend of the mouse tower (Mäuseturm) in the Rhine ?


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