20 – Naughty or Nice?


Dear Lucy,

Having lots of fun at Santa’s gaff. We are spending the evenings sewing up last minute teddies whilst we chat over mulled wine and mince pies.

Once Santa had downed a few sherbets, I decided to broach the subject of my behaviour. Despite the minor indiscretion of adding fart powder to the Vicar’s porridge on the morning I left the vicarage, Santa said that on the whole I’d been a pretty good mouse and was due to receive some nice presents. Apparently, the afore mentioned powder had caused quite a stir during evening service and complaints from the congregation resulted in a stern letter from the archbishop regarding moral conduct and a healthy diet.

Santa wouldn’t tell me if you’d be getting any presents Lucy, but I had a quick rifle through his files once he’d gone to bed and it looks like you’re gonna be okay!

Arctic Fox joined us one evening.  Santa found him unwell and frozen in the snow a few years back.  It was touch and go for a while but he’s quite well now and back with his family.  Every year he pops over at Christmas time for a catch up and a mince pie.

Love Always!



Have you been naughty or nice? Morris would love to hear from you, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Hello Morris – from Upstate New York. We hope you had a joyous Christmas. We wanted to send you some sugar cookies and thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam but we ate them before we could get them wrapped for you. They were very good. Do you like to bake?
    Happy thoughts,


    1. Hi Petrina (would love to visit New York) – I’m having a great Christmas thank you. Don’t worry about the cookies, it’s the thought that counts and they probably would have been just crumbs by the time they reached England (although crumbs are good too). I do love raspberries though. Us mice love to bake, in fact a lot our our attention revolves around food. I’ve been spending Christmas with friends, had a bit of a to do with the breakfast pancakes when I accidentally tossed one on my friend’s head but other than that we’ve had no other culinary disasters. Happy New Year to you. xx 🐭

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      1. Morris, thank you for your quick reply. Please stay with us when you come visit New York. We must be related as we have a knack of tossing pancakes where they do not belong. Ahhh haa, I find it funny you tossed one on your friend’s head – you may have just created a new style. When you come visit, please watch out for the neighbor’s cats and we have a small dog that will not bother you. We have some horseradish sharp cheese tht I quite like. I will save some for you potential visit. Thank you for the two hugs. I will file you not in the Two Hugs drawer in the study. xxx000


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