Postcard Shop SERIES ONE – Open For Business!

Dear Fans,

My little Postcard Emporium (that’s a posh name for shop according to my mate Winston) is now open!

I’ve paw picked five of my favourite designs which I hope you will love as much as I do.

Here’s a rather nice photo of the whole pack, but there are more close up photos of each design on the shop page.  Just go to the top of my blog and click on the menu for the POSTCARD SHOP tab.

Or click on this link:
Postcard Shop SERIES ONE


To make things super easy I’ve added the postage price to each pack, so please click the correct destination when making a purchase.

If you would like to purchase more than one pack, please go to the CONTACT MORRIS page and send me a message so that I can work out a price with cheaper postage.

Love to you all and thanks for supporting my little blog.




  1. Morris, congratulations on your Postcard Emporium. What a great and adventurous start of the new year.
    Your cards are so beautiful that I hope I can buy them as soon as possible.
    I wish you an amazing 2016 full of new adventures, friendships, health, happiness and postcards.
    Good luck! (^_^)

  2. Just discovered that the problem arises when the link is clicked through the Postcrossing share on Facebook. It seems to be a Facebook issue, rather than an issue on the blog.

  3. Thank you Joseph, very kind of you to say. I hope you continue to enjoy my little blog. Do let me know if you have any more problems. Happy to help. 🐭

  4. Dear Morris, your beautiful postcards sent on the 5 Jan 2016 via Royal Mail arrived at Hong Kong on the 11 Jan in excellent condition. Please consider going online at Instagram, so that your fans can tag you and let more people find out your lovely adventures. Happy weekend 🙂

  5. I’ve just seen you photo share on my Facebook page, glad they arrived safely. They didn’t take too long to arrive, considering they had a long journey. Thanks for being a fan! Love MORRIS ❤️🐭

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