UK Blog Awards Shortlisted – Thank You!


Dear Fans,

I’ve been shortlisted (which I’m reliably informed is better than being longlisted) in the 2016 UK Blog Awards!  

What’s more, I’ve been short listed in both my categories.

So, I just wanted to send you all this little picture as a token of my appreciation for voting for me.

I may not be chosen by the judging panel to win an award, but I’m already over-the-moon that my blog friends have taken time and trouble to vote for me.

Thank You Everyone!



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23 – No Smoke without Fire

23b 2

Dear Lucy,

I decided to take a trip to the Azores archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean after reading about volcanoes in one of Winston’s numerous back copies of Mouse Geographic magazine.

Legend speaks of an ancient tribe of mice living on these volcanic islands but alas there have been no confirmed sightings to date. After reading the somewhat lengthy article, I had an idea that perhaps previous miceropologists had been looking in the wrong place.

23b 3

After a lengthy climb and two rounds of cheese and pickle sandwiches I chanced upon a small doorway hidden within the rocky escarpment. What awaited me was a dark and gloomy staircase leading to a myriad of underground rooms and passages.   Finding not one solitary mouse, I can only assume that the tribe had popped out for a spot of lunch, and on leaving a note to say I’d popped by, continued down the staircase.

23b 4

Just as I was nearing the bottom, an ear-deafening roar sent my trusty torch flying out of my paw, which after shooting several foot in the air then performed several bounces down the remaining steps before shattering into a number of untrustworthy pieces at the bottom of a large chamber. Plunged into darkness, I had no option but to feel my way around until a dim light shone faintly from an enormous eye in the wall.  Now, I’ve often heard it said that ‘walls have ears’ but walls having eyes was a new one on me!

23b 5

To cut a long story short I spent the afternoon in the company of a delightful sea dragon. Over some toasted crumpets and a goblet of duckweed cordial, I discovered that Nessie quite often summers in Scotland. We promised to meet up when we are both in the highlands again.

23b 6

Sadly I won’t be able to write to Mouse Geographic with any significant information on the lost mouse tribe but I may drop them a few lines about the true nature of volcanic activity.

Love, as always!



Morris would like to dedicate this blog to the Hunstanton and Skegness sperm whales who sadly beached and lost their lives on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2016, a sad day for British waters.

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Competition Time – Win a ‘Paw Drawn’ Morris Postcard!


Dear Fans,

To celebrate reaching 250 fans on my Facebook page, I’m running a competition to win an original postcard, ‘paw drawn’ by myself.

To enter, all you have to do is tell me what you’d like to see me doing on your postcard.  You name it and I’ll draw it!

Hit the comments box at the end of this blog, or tell me under the competition post on my Facebook page.

The competition is open for two weeks to give you plenty of time to think some creative thoughts.  My only request is that you keep it relatively clean, us mice don’t mind cheeky but we’re not big fans of vulgar!

Feel free to enter as many times as you like with new ideas!

When all submissions are in, I’ll make a list and send it to my friend Lucy to decide the winner.

Good Luck and Happy Thinking!




The winning idea will be drawn on this vintage postcard depicting our lovely seaside town of Newquay UK.

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22 – Access for All

22b 2

Dear Lucy,

Millie and I are at the 1929 London sales.  Millie suggested that we take Cyril with us as he’s just getting used to his new mobility scooter and she thought a trip on flat ground might be of benefit for him to practise manoeuvring.  I thought it a bad idea but he came anyway.

As it turns out, things went pretty smoothly and we got most of our shopping done in one department store.  However, just as we were heading for the exit, Millie decided she needed a new ribbon for her fur.  Passing through the dining department Cyril inadvertently caught a tablecloth in one of his rear wheels and managed to send an entire display of fine crystal goblets crashing to the floor.

22b 3

The manager was called to reprimand us, but before he could open his mouth, Millie began protesting loudly about ‘dangerous displays in the middle of aisles to maximise profits, and access for all’.  Mr Selfridge however, was more interested in Cyril’s transportation device and on waiving any responsibility on Cyril’s part, treated us all to tea, sandwiches and raspberry sorbet in the rather luxurious Palm Court restaurant.

Seems taking Cyril wasn’t such a bad idea after all!



Sorry about the postcard, couldn’t find one of London town!


Have you ever had an accident whilst out shopping?  Morris would love to hear about any of your exciting shopping adventures, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

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21 – Hide and Squeak


Dear Lucy,

Christmas was an absolute blast up at Tommy’s. Festivities kicked off with a carol concert around the Christmas tree in the east garden, followed by a light snack of sugared fruits, plum pudding and eggnog.

Tommy had invited twenty friends over this year so although the castle was bustling, many paws made light work when it came to festive preparations and washing up.

You may not know this, but mice generally follow the Nordic tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve so that they may snuggle down with a good read whilst waiting for Santa to arrive.  However, as is the mouse way, the giving and receiving of literature comes with mouse inspired complications.  Within a mouse village, or as in our case within the party at the castle, everyone’s name (with a few suggestions as to their reading preferences) are written and submitted on individual slips of paper some weeks before Christmas and put into any suitable container known as the ‘book pot’.   A special day is then called when all mice pick a slip to find out whom they are going to buy for, the name you receive must be kept a secret.  Seeing as none of us were at the castle some weeks before the celebrations, Tommy selected slips for us and sent them by post in good time for us all to get to the shops and make our purchases.


Come Christmas Eve, traditionally between the hours of 9.00 and 10.00pm, each mouse must deliver their book to the selected friend.  It’s an adrenaline-fueled game to get your book to the intended destination without being spotted by any other mouse, for if caught out you are subject to a forfeit after the Christmas day lunch.  As you can imagine, with all mice running around to get their books to the intended destinations within the hour, regard for health and safety generally flies out the window, as do a number of over excited mice!  It’s all but impossible not to let out the odd nervous squeak, and only mice with the strongest of constitutions usually manage to hold it together.

I got caught behind the grandfather clock by Filbert and consequentially was made to run around the croquet lawn twice with a pair of underpants on my head, which wasn’t as bad as Tommy who somehow managed to get his head stuck through the staircase banisters and in taking some considerable time to wriggle free was caught by three different mice and subject to a triathlon of forfeits, one of which included an attempt to eat five cheese crackers within a minute.  Already bloated after a large Christmas lunch, Tommy failed miserably.


Christmas evening was a slightly more relaxed affair with cheese, biscuits, chutneys and TV dramas around a roaring fire.  Tommy passed on the biscuits.

Festivities over I’m back off down to the depot to meet up with Millie for some shopping in the sales before I go off travelling again next year.

Top on my list of purchases, new pants!

Happy New Year Lucy, I hope it’s a good one!




Can you spot Morris at the carol concert? (he’s the one with the very important job).   Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, please feel free to hit the comments box and share your festive tales with Morris.

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Dear Fans,

Please, please, please could I ask for a minute of your time to VOTE FOR ME in the UK BLOG AWARDS.

I’m hoping to win a biscuit, but I think it might just be a big shiny award!

When voting choose the first drop down box to VOTE IN BOTH CATEGORIES.

Just click on this link below to get to my vote page:

I really would appreciate your help, and you can vote ONCE A DAY right up until 9.00pm on the 25th of January.

Big Thanks!