22 – Access for All

22b 2

Dear Lucy,

Millie and I are at the 1929 London sales.  Millie suggested that we take Cyril with us as he’s just getting used to his new mobility scooter and she thought a trip on flat ground might be of benefit for him to practise manoeuvring.  I thought it a bad idea but he came anyway.

As it turns out, things went pretty smoothly and we got most of our shopping done in one department store.  However, just as we were heading for the exit, Millie decided she needed a new ribbon for her fur.  Passing through the dining department Cyril inadvertently caught a tablecloth in one of his rear wheels and managed to send an entire display of fine crystal goblets crashing to the floor.

22b 3

The manager was called to reprimand us, but before he could open his mouth, Millie began protesting loudly about ‘dangerous displays in the middle of aisles to maximise profits, and access for all’.  Mr Selfridge however, was more interested in Cyril’s transportation device and on waiving any responsibility on Cyril’s part, treated us all to tea, sandwiches and raspberry sorbet in the rather luxurious Palm Court restaurant.

Seems taking Cyril wasn’t such a bad idea after all!



Sorry about the postcard, couldn’t find one of London town!


Have you ever had an accident whilst out shopping?  Morris would love to hear about any of your exciting shopping adventures, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


    1. Oh no, don’t you just hate it when you hear over the tannoy ‘cleaner to aisle 7’ and you just know they are talking about you? lol I hope the manager treated you to lunch too Fran! 🐭❤️

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  1. Once I broke a cup in a shop after attempting to put it back on the shelf. I felt so clumsy and embarrassed; I immediately apologized and offered to pay for it. The shop assistant just said: “Why? You didn’t do it on purpose, so don’t worry about it.” That was a response I didn’t expect and it made me feel a little better. Needless to say I didn’t insist on paying for it any further…
    Thank you for sharing you shopping adventure, Morris.


  2. Yes. I too use to freqent Mr Selfridge’s fine establishment. I remember on one occasion a lady friend and I were perusing the various counters on the ground floor after lunch (co-incidently at The Palm Court too. We can’t resist their fondant fancies) when I spied some rather delicious sunglasses. My friend, Miss Fannywaddle of Kensington Place, took an extraordinary long time making her selection of scarf for the upcoming Le Mans race (first lady driver ever, complete scandal) and it was anounced the shop was about to close. Well, I still hadn’t made my sunglasses purchase as Ms Fannywaddle had insisted I come to the scarf counter and help her make her final decision. So we rushed to the sunglasses department, alas it was not to be, there were no tils available. We went frantically from one to another only to continually be redirected. It was almost as if they didn’t want our husband’s hard earned cash. Once outside in the cold Ms Fannywaddle exclaimed ‘Why Miss Bett you look unusually happy for one who has just missed out on the purchase of such a lovely item.’ I replied ‘Yes and you will never guess why in a million years.’ and low and behold if those very sunglasses I had so longed for hadn’t just appeared in my bag. ‘They must have dropped in there as you rushed for the door mustn’t they Miss Bett?’ Miss Fannywaddle asked. I gave a knowing little smile and replied ‘Yes indeed, I can’t imagine how else it could have transpired.’


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