Competition Time – Win a ‘Paw Drawn’ Morris Postcard!


Dear Fans,

To celebrate reaching 250 fans on my Facebook page, I’m running a competition to win an original postcard, ‘paw drawn’ by myself.

To enter, all you have to do is tell me what you’d like to see me doing on your postcard.  You name it and I’ll draw it!

Hit the comments box at the end of this blog, or tell me under the competition post on my Facebook page.

The competition is open for two weeks to give you plenty of time to think some creative thoughts.  My only request is that you keep it relatively clean, us mice don’t mind cheeky but we’re not big fans of vulgar!

Feel free to enter as many times as you like with new ideas!

When all submissions are in, I’ll make a list and send it to my friend Lucy to decide the winner.

Good Luck and Happy Thinking!




The winning idea will be drawn on this vintage postcard depicting our lovely seaside town of Newquay UK.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf



  1. I would love to see Morris Mouse taking part in the very famous carnival Parade in the western part of Germany in February. Morris would have a lot of fun with all these crazy People. I am sure, Morris will find the perfect costume for the Parade…

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  2. On the postcard I would love to see you dream of a trip to Paris, meeting other mice and visiting the lovely part of Montmartre… having a glass of good mouse-wine and french cheese of course.
    Hope to meet you one day Morris Mouse,
    Hugs from Holland,

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  3. My first thought was my desire to see some of Morris’ friends engaged in weaving or spinning or knitting. But for this vintage card….either Morris and friends in period swim attire enjoying a day at the beach, or a drawing of them taking the train to Newquay. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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      1. I checked your blog before seeing this and could barely believe that I might be lucky enough to win your hand-drawn card! So my first message may not make much sense….it was thoughtful of you to send the email to let me know! You –and Morris– can bet that I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on my mailbox!


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  4. (First: Sorry, I have not made it to my bank yet, will do as soon as possible, just in case you are waiting eagerly).
    Today is Build a snowman day – so guess what my suggestion would be: Build a snow mouse. (Snow is not easy to draw, I know, but I am sure, YOU can do that).


  5. I love to read and to collect postcards. Perhaps a picture of you, Morris, posting a card, or visiting a library. I am thoroughly enjoying your travels and your messages! Thank you for sharing them.

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  6. I’ll like to see Morris having a picnic by the beach with him and his friends trying to surf and maybe an encounter with a crab. He ha basically come with his friends for a nice sun (non English wet ) day.

    Or he can always teleport to India we have lots of sun and excitement
    Cheers x

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  7. What a great idea!
    Next to being a fan of your adventures, I love dragons and drinking tea. So a combination of these three would be perfect: Morris and a lovely Dragon together having tea with delicious treats. Maybe she can be called Daisy the Dragon, because it makes her sound sweet (a dragon with a sweet tooth) (^_^)
    Good luck with this wonderful challenge, Morris!


  8. Ooooo well my first thought was instead of an owl and a pussy cat (Hale), a favourite poem of mine, it could be a mouse and a pussy cat. I would love to see them both underneath the stars playing guitar and dancing by the light of the moon 🙂 But I also know how much I adored my holiday in Venice; the art, the water, the food…Perhaps Morris would like a ride in a gondala down the Grand Canal like I had or/and a glass of Pinot Grigot at Caffe Florian (the oldest cafe in continuous operation) in St Marks Square. Very Boho as it was frequented by Byron, Dickens, Proust etc and they do the most delicious fruit tart with creme patesserie I have ever experienced. I think it had every fruit I could have think of on it 🙂 Must say I love Robin’s idea of Morris and his friends in period swim attire complete with those little bathing machine huts that were wheeled into the sea. if it were St Ives on the postcard I think it would be compulsory to have him with his chums ‘arting’ on the beath easel and palette in hand 🙂 x

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  9. Or Morris coming to Cyril’s rescue when Cyril is threatened with being arrested by the Policemouse for parking his disability scooter on a double yellow line outside the teashop

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  10. I would love to see Morris taking a see voyage.I imagine her in nice a little red hat and,while her little boat getting further and further from the coast,shes looking at all her friends waving to her with a spyglass in her hand.
    My other idea is also related to the sea,only in this one,I imagine her scuba diving.


    1. Hi Zina,

      A sea voyages sounds like a lovely idea, although I feel that I must point out that I am a boy mouse. 🐭

      If you scroll back to blog post 9 (Costa Rica) you can read all about my adventures on a whale conservation trip and see a drawing of me in my scuba gear.

      Thanks for entering the competition. Love Morris 🐭


  11. Morris finds a starfish , which was washed up on the beach . Since stars are in the heavens , Morris tries to bring him back into the sky . But a sweet water turtle enlightens him and helps to bring Morris because star back home .to the sea.

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  12. Morris finds a starfish , which was washed up on the beach . Since stars are in the heavens , Morris tries to bring him back into the sky . But a sweet water turtle enlightens him and helps to bring Morris because star back home .


  13. I would love for Morris to visit the Houses of Parliament and explore the catacombs beneath! then meet the Queen and have a marvelous adventure with the corgis involving the crown jewels! 🙂


  14. Today I read your adventure with the Dragon in the mountain so now I feel that I have to think of a new story.
    Because you are an artist I would love to see you work together with another great artist, for example William Turner. Maybe together on the beach painting the amazing scenery and talking about art. Wouldn’t that be a great experience?

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