23 – No Smoke without Fire

23b 2

Dear Lucy,

I decided to take a trip to the Azores archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean after reading about volcanoes in one of Winston’s numerous back copies of Mouse Geographic magazine.

Legend speaks of an ancient tribe of mice living on these volcanic islands but alas there have been no confirmed sightings to date. After reading the somewhat lengthy article, I had an idea that perhaps previous miceropologists had been looking in the wrong place.

23b 3

After a lengthy climb and two rounds of cheese and pickle sandwiches I chanced upon a small doorway hidden within the rocky escarpment. What awaited me was a dark and gloomy staircase leading to a myriad of underground rooms and passages.   Finding not one solitary mouse, I can only assume that the tribe had popped out for a spot of lunch, and on leaving a note to say I’d popped by, continued down the staircase.

23b 4

Just as I was nearing the bottom, an ear-deafening roar sent my trusty torch flying out of my paw, which after shooting several foot in the air then performed several bounces down the remaining steps before shattering into a number of untrustworthy pieces at the bottom of a large chamber. Plunged into darkness, I had no option but to feel my way around until a dim light shone faintly from an enormous eye in the wall.  Now, I’ve often heard it said that ‘walls have ears’ but walls having eyes was a new one on me!

23b 5

To cut a long story short I spent the afternoon in the company of a delightful sea dragon. Over some toasted crumpets and a goblet of duckweed cordial, I discovered that Nessie quite often summers in Scotland. We promised to meet up when we are both in the highlands again.

23b 6

Sadly I won’t be able to write to Mouse Geographic with any significant information on the lost mouse tribe but I may drop them a few lines about the true nature of volcanic activity.

Love, as always!



Morris would like to dedicate this blog to the Hunstanton and Skegness sperm whales who sadly beached and lost their lives on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2016, a sad day for British waters.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Wow the mystery is solved, Nessie is a DRAGON 🙂 I do so love your illustrations Morris. Tell me, do you have a portable set of pen and inks in your rucksack? What else do micez keep in their rucksacks when travelling or is that a closely guarded secret?

  2. Hi Tracie, I always carry my art materials with me, one never knows when the urge to doodle will strike. Other items change from adventure to adventure, but my Mother always told me to carry a clean pair of pants, which I’ve always found somewhat curious as I don’t often wear pants!

  3. Hello – just wanted to say congratulations on getting through to the final in the UK Blog Awards…wishing you the very best of luck, your blog is utterly charming 🙂
    Dee (Break Out The Skinny Girl blog)

  4. Hi Dee, thank you very much. Getting through (and in both categories) was a total surprise to me as I don’t have an enormous following (yet). I must have some loyal mouse fans. How did you do in the vote, are you through to the finals? 🐭❤️

  5. Ooo I’ve just spotted you are on the short list. I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t actually any elephants in the room, as they are always good for a sugary bun. Good luck to you too! 🐭❤️

  6. Indeed a very pleasant surprise: an adventure with a Dragon! That made my day. (^_^)
    I was wondering how Lucy is doing. Is she starting to feel better?
    Wish her “Van harte beterschap!” from me. Get well soon!

  7. Hi Barbara,
    My friend Lucy is quite well now thank you, but I still send her letters because she gets worried if I don’t write. 🐭❤️

  8. That’s so good to know. Wonderful news!
    I’m glad that you’ll keep on writing to her. That’ll make Lucy and also us very happy! (^_^)

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