24 – Big Garden Birdwatch

24b 2

Dear Lucy,

Back from the Azores I’m in the parish of North Piddle, helping my mate Derek with his 2016 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  Our watch Saturday morning was a complete washout due to some numpty of a neighbour lording it over the village with an offensively loud chainsaw.

Somewhat disappointed, Derek and I were forced to think outside the box and spend Saturday evening, crayons in hand, making ‘garden party’ posters to pin up around the neighbourhood.

Our hard work paid off and we ended up with a pretty decent turnout. Once guests had registered with Derek they were provided with a ticket to collect their tea and seed cake from my trolley, which I’d decorated with cheery bunting.  Everyone said what a nice event it had been and many asked if we could hold one on the last Sunday of every month.

24b 3

Final count: 5 Robins, 7 collared doves, 8 blue-tits, 4 blackbirds, 6 sparrows and 1 hyacinth macaw named Jasper whom we didn’t submit on account of him being a non-native who’d escaped from Mrs Green’s conservatory at number 32 after hearing about the free cake.

Hope you had a good count!

Love M.M.


Did you take part in The Big Garden Birdwatch?  If you did, Morris and Derek would love to hear about your sightings!

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  1. In Germany we have a similar watch, by the NABU, a nature conservatory union that started as something similar to the RSPB. Twice each year they ask people to look out for an hour of bird counting. But lately I do not have much luck with the weather – when it is rainy or even stormy you do not see many birds.


  2. I did the garden birdwatch on Sunday too Morris, but I only saw 1 blackbird and 1 pigeon. Your tea party was a great idea – free tea and cake is always guaranteed to pull in the birds!

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