27 – National Pie Week

28a 2

Dear Lucy,

To celebrate National Pie Week I decided to visit my good friend Finbar Fungus who’s an expert on all things mushroom and a jolly good pie chef.

We kicked off on Monday with a wild mushroom pie after spending the best part of the day foraging in Worm’s Wood near Middleton-on-Sea, followed by Quorn mince on Tuesday then chestnut and wild garlic on Wednesday, which, I regret to write, is where our pie extravaganza came to a shuddering halt.

The afore mentioned Wednesday pie resulted in both myself and Finbar suffering severe gastric disturbances giving rise to thunderous blow offs throughout Thursday.  I was pretty careful and kept my windy activities to the garden but Finbar let one rip near a naked candle and ended up setting fire to his sitting room curtains.

I grabbed for a bucket of water but Finbar, in a momentary state of panic, threw his library book into the blazing drapery.  What the heck he was thinking will remain a mystery, although I did catch him muttering some days earlier about Fictional Westerns being shelved incorrectly in the Medieval History section.

28a 3

We spent a quiet Friday in town visiting the public library with a letter of apology, the drapers with measurements for new curtains and the chemist with a query regarding herbal remedies for flatulence.

All things considered we’ve decided to rename the Friday of National Pie Week as National Indigestion Day!

Hope you’ve had a lovely week.



National Pie Week

Did you take part in National Pie Week?  Morris would love to hear any relevant pie news, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

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  1. What an adventure of sorts Morris! Sorry to read of your belly disturbances … hope you’ll go easy on the mushrooms next year & no burning candles please, as singed fur can be terribly smelly if not downright dangerous!

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