28 – Bunty Flossop

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Dear Lucy,

Have been spending the Easter break with my friend Bunty Flossop who, being an accountant by trade, has something of an unfair reputation for being a bit boring.

A current self-styled campaign to reinvent his image resulted in Bunty spending the entire weekend trying to convince me that he was the Easter Bunny.

On our Sunday morning stroll over to Bertie’s sett, for buttered hot cross buns, the finding of numerous mini eggs for my basket had me almost convinced that Bunty was infact the famous rabbit, until I noticed Bunty’s chubby legs rapidly thinning as a result of him lobbing chocolate treats from a secret stash in his trouser pockets.

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Hope you had a good Easter and found yourself plenty of eggs!




Did you take part in an egg hunt over the Easter break? Morris would love to hear from you, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

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