30 – Get Well Soon!

31b 2

Dear Lucy,

I was sorry to hear that you have been unwell of late as a result of a misdiagnosis of your whiplash injury from last year, and that being indoors for a lot of the time had missed the changing of the seasons that you so dearly love.

31b 4

In the hope of cheering you up, Millie and I have collected you a bunch of Spring flowers. We hope you like them!

31b 3

Millie thought you may like a yellow ribbon but I said you preferred blue.  In the end we decided to use both.

Get Well Soon!

Love M.M.


Have you ever received a posy of wild flowers?  Morris would love to hear from you, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Oh, poor Lucy. Please give her my well wishes for a quick recovery and good health.
    This wonderful card and the beautiful Spring flowers will surely make her day a little brighter.
    Do beautiful store-bought flowers count? But I have never received a posy of wild flowers. That sounds so lovely.


    1. Thank you Barbara, I shall pass on your well wishes. Looks like you need some mouse friends to gather you wild flowers, although we don’t like to do it too often as we like to let the flowers grow for our Bee friends. 🐝 Shop flowers are just as lovely, as long as they’re not those rubbish ones from the petrol garage! lol 🐭❤️

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