31 – Application DENIED!

32b 2

Dear lucy,

Being back at the sorting depot for a while I’ve managed to catch up on a pile of mail set aside for me by my good friend Millie.

32c 2

I received a lovely postcard of the beautiful hills of Tuscany from Winston who is currently on a four month cruise around the Med with his friend Betty.  The ship has been specially adapted for geriatric mice with plenty of stair lifts, 24 hour new age therapy rooms and specially prepared diets for delicate digestive systems.  Tommy wrote to inform me of exciting renovations to his castle.  Apparently he’s erected an enormous orangery on the west wing for his bonsais, with underfloor heating and a sunken swimming pool.  I must pay him a visit soon!

32b 3

Amongst all the lovely letters however, I received a somewhat disappointing rejection to my application to the reading rooms at the British Library.  I had hoped that using Winston as a reference would ensure success, but apparently not!  Not one to fall in the face of defeat, I took my application to London with the intention of making a formal complaint, however, on reaching the museum I stumbled across a special mouse entrance and was able to gain access for a few days without any further bureaucratic form filling.

Love Always,


32c 3

Morris would appreciate it if all readers of this blog keep the knowledge of his embarrassing middle name under wraps.  Those with equally embarrassing middle names are free to share their shame by hitting the comments box.  Or if you’re not brave enough to ‘fess-up’, let Morris know what you would read if your application to the library was accepted.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Well, I made my middle name my first on the internet – so my middle name is the German version of Frances, Franziska. What’s in a name? Talks to animals – yes, yes I do. I even write comments on the internet …

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  2. Hmm, I don’t think my middle name is very strange (Christianne), but until now I feel it’s rather unique because I still haven’t met anybody with that name.
    When I was little my mother told me what my name would’ve been if I was boy: Oscar!
    I was so shocked and couldn’t understand why she wanted me named after Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, the only ‘Oscar’ I knew at that time. I was so relieved being a girl! (^_^)
    I actually like your middle name but if you’re embarrased by it, you should just write your name as ‘Morris M. Mouse’, to add some mystery and keep them guessing!

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    1. My Mother always used to say “It never hurts to broaden one’s horizons Morris.” Although, as a nipper, I often protested when it came to educating myself on the art of washing the dishes! ❤️🐭


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