34 – Rodent Eating Romans and Masala Chai

35c 2

Dear Lucy,

During the castle battle I somehow managed to pull a posterior thigh muscle and after limping around for a few days Tommy suggested I pay a visit to the Aqua Musculus Medicinal Tea Bathhouse in Somerset.  Tommy cured a cricketing injury there last year after finding an advert for the baths in an issue of the West Country Mouse Gazette.

35d 2

Much is known of the natural geothermic spring bathhouses developed by the rodent eating Romans in around 60AD.  Little, in comparison, is known of the medicinal tea bathhouses in Bath, pioneered by mice in the mid-18th century.  Heavy taxation on tea opened up a busy smuggling industry along the British coast.  Tea was smuggled inland through hidden passages and pathways to special hiding places, quite often that of the local parish church, which were as we know, quite often frequented by mice.  Of course, mice have for millennia been using herbal hedgerow remedies to cure a variety of ills but being a species not to ‘look a gift horse in the mouth’, the mice began nibbling through storage sacks and smuggling their own parcels of this new aromatic leaf down to the then named Herbal Bathhouses in Somerset.

35c 3

The tea bathhouses have seen some changes over the years, with today’s facilities taking advantage of the many exotic tea varieties now stocked by small stores and local markets.  Mixed with traditional hedgerow remedies, the Aqua Musculus Medicinal Tea Bathhouse offers a comprehensive menu of soaks for every disposition and ailment.

35d 3

I found the Earl Grey with Passion Flower and Linden to be most relaxing, but took a particular liking to the recently introduced Masala Chai bath, full of aromatic spices from far flung India.  After a week of therapeutic baths and a daily massage with rose petal infused olive oil, I am now fully restored.  I’ve purchased a few packets of inspiring tea blends from the gift shop which I’m taking back for Millie, along with a complimentary Tea Bathhouse toweling toga which just happened to find it’s way into my backpack whilst I was packing.


Have you ever tried any alternative therapies?  Have you ever ‘accidentally’ packed a towel or any complementary toiletries from a swanky hotel?  Morris would love to hear from you, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

Β© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. This is entirely TOO adorable! Combining thermal baths with herbal tea and beautiful china tea cups: too much! These two cards MUST be part of your next production of printed cards!

    BTW, have you even checked out postcrossing.com? They have a blog which posts articles on all things related to postcards and mail…..it could be great publicity for your blog and your cards! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Robin, The bathhouse is a lovely place, it’s a shame you humans are too big to visit. I was quite annoyed that I couldn’t fit all my scribblings onto one card this time, I had to use a page out of a book and pay an extra penny postage.

      The lovely people at Postcrossing did an article on my postcards and letters in October 2015, I received some lovely responses, and got quite a lot of postcard sales too.

      Here’s the link to the article:

      Hope you are well 🐭❀️


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