35 – Office Gossip / Part One


Dear Lucy,

I’m back at the Post Office Depot for a few days to catch up on my mail and spend time with my good friend Millie.

Millie was thrilled with the tea blends which I brought back from the bathhouse and absolutely over-the-moon with the bathhouse towelling toga, which she’s been wearing ever since.

36d 3

Things were busier than usual down at the depot, and as I sat reading my mail a strange series of events occured as a result of the business of the day combined with pretty much everyone at the depot getting the wrong end of the stick.

36d 5

Millie was, as usual, doing two things at once, busying between the front office and the back room trying to sort end of employment certificates, and find a £10 note that she thought she’d put in the petty cash tin but hadn’t.

John was sitting in reception outside the office door, waiting to collect his P45 and could hear everything that was being said in the office ………. or so he thought!

36d 4

Things Millie said whilst in the office which could be heard in reception (IN CAPITALS).

Things Millie said whilst in the back room which were inaudible from reception (in italics).

“I’M REALLY ANNOYED THAT £10 HAS GONE MISSING FROM THE PETTY CASH BOX.  I PUT IT DOWN TO misplacing it somewhere when I was talking to the odd job man GEORGE on Friday.  Damn nuisance HAVING saved that money aside for LIGHT bulbs to go in the staff toilets and chocolate FINGERS for George’s birthday present.  Morris did I tell you that John is leaving us TO FIND HIMSELF A NEW JOB in telecommunications?  Damn, I’ll have to draw some cash out the bank IF THE £10 DOESN’T TURN UP SOON.”

Morris “Telecommunications? But John is as deaf as a post!”

36d 6

Engrossed in my letters but feeling duty bound to show some concern, I asked Millie if she had found the tenner yet, to which she replied “no, despite having searched every drawer, cupboard, nook and cranny in the entire office and back room”.  Millie then started to talk about ideas for John’s leaving present just as he burst into the office.  He looked a bit grumpy.

36d 2

Millie and myself were looking a bit sheepish as we had to stop mid conversation and weren’t sure if John had heard us discussing his present.  John, on the other hand, thought we looked a bit guilty because we’d been bad mouthing George, although he didn’t say.


36d 7

What will happen next?  Call back next week for the second instalment of OFFICE GOSSIP.

Can you spot Morris’s pictorial reference to the Roman bathhouses, can you find the connection?  Morris would love to hear from you, so please feel free to hit the comments box.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


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