FREE Morris Mouse Letter Writing Template

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Dear Morris Mouse Fans,

I’ve designed this little letter template so that you can enjoy writing to family and friends. It’s nice to get an email or a text but it’s even nicer to receive a letter through the post with a stamp on it.

Letters don’t have to be long, sometimes it’s nice to receive just a few lines from a friend to know that they are thinking about you, or maybe you need to scribble a quick thank you note to someone who’s given you a lovely present or taken you on a nice trip out.  The possibilities are endless.  And don’t forget, you don’t have to print out on boring white paper, why not try a lovely piece of good quality cream paper in your printer!

There’s no charge to print this template, it’s totally free, but I would ask that you please only use it for personal and not commercial purposes.

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I’d love to see what you do with your letter, so if it’s not too private, please feel free to post a photo on my Facebook page or on my Twitter account.  I’d especially love to see any that are coloured in!


To download, click on the link below:


Happy letter writing!


Morris Mouse



  1. Thanks so much! What a lovely idea you have. Looking forward to the link being functional. I absolutely love Morris Mouse and all his adventures. ❤


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