40 – The Inktober Challenge


Dear Lucy,

It’s a very rare event to be able to undertake any endeavour down at the post office depot without all the other mice resisting the temptation to get involved, for mice are, by nature, a species that like to poke their noses into business that isn’t their own.


This fact being so, it was collectively decided, when I announced my intention to take up the ‘Inktober’ challenge, that everyone should submit a suggestion and deposit it into a large wooden box outside the Postmouster General’s office no later than 29th September.


Millie instructed everyone to get their duties finished early on the morning of the 30th so that that Friday afternoon could be set aside for tea, cake and the official selection of 11 random submissions.  There was great excitement that morning, not only at the thought of tea and cake but also over the certain knowledge that everyone was getting the afternoon off.


Millie opened proceedings, by presenting me with a specially prepared calendar and suggesting that each of my daily sketches should be connected either by line or conceptual association, whilst Gertrude shuffled her hand around in the box to select the winners. Gasps and cheers prevailed throughout the announcements, interrupted only momentarily as Millie’s gaze turned to Clive to inform him that his suggestion be vetoed on account of it being too smutty, a retort which prompted a room full of stifled giggles.


And so, above the collective sipping of tea, the winning suggestions were announced as follows: night and day, a fearless mouse, two ships, a clandestine nod to Christmas, a dragon, the winds of change, a resting place, a guide, a corporate logo, a Shakespeare reference and Alfred the cat who likes to chase birds from the church roof. All in all, a carefully considered mixed bunch of ideas that I was pretty pleased with.


Millie refused to divulge the contents of the vetoed suggestion, however, Betty who empties the waste paper baskets, later informed me of a piece of crumpled paper she’d found with the words A BIG TURD scrawled upon it in Clive’s handwriting.  He just doesn’t miss a trick that mouse!

Happy Halloween!

Love M.M.


Did you get involved in the INKTOBER challenge?  Can you find all the connections in Morris’s daily entries?  (For scrutiny purposes, if you click on the illustration it will come up bigger in a new window)  Morris would love to hear from you  …. drop him a line in the comments box below, or share your etchings on his Facebook page.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf

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