43 – The #illo_advent Challenge



Dear Lucy,

This year myself, Millie, Gertrude and Clive decided to spend Christmas over at Winston’s in the old oak tree after finding out that he’d been most ungraciously let down by his friend Betty who’d had a better offer of spending Christmas at a spa hotel with the ladies from her sewing circle.  She’s a fickle one that Betty!

Winston has two comfortable spare bedrooms with twin beds, so it all worked out nicely when it came to fitting us all in.  Winston said that it was the best Christmas he’d had in years and after a few drinks over lunch said that he hoped Betty’s fur turned green with the chlorine.  Clive brought with him a lovely new Monopoly board which we decided to set up on a side table as a running game throughout the holiday, so as to save anyone from going mental and kicking the ruddy thing across the room after playing for five hours and getting absolutely bloody nowhere, as is usual with a game of Monopoly.


The break at Winston’s was a nice end to what had been for me, a busy December of Christmas preparations.  This year I decided to document the month with a series of drawings for the #illo-advent challenge over on my social media channels, which went down well but added to my workload.

On the subject of advent, we had quite a lot of fun down at the depot when on the first of December an unaddressed advent calendar got stuck down the time tunnels.  As a rule, all personal correspondence coming into the depot reduces to mouse size as it travels down the tunnels, but for some reason the calendar kept regular proportions.  Millie rounded up a technical team to get the calendar out, which took a few hours and some ferocious nibbling of the edges to set it free.  Having no address and no way of knowing who the calendar was supposed to be sent to, we decided to set it against the large wall at the end of the sorting room and Winston devised a system of pulleys so that we could get to the windows to open them each day.

Rumours went round the depot that the calendar was a special gift from Santa, but I’m not sure how true that is.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas too!

Love M.M.


Morris would like to wish all his followers a very happy Christmas, he’d love to hear your thoughts on his advent challenge, so drop him a line under here or his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Oh Morris! I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas. I have so enjoyed your advent-ures over the last month. Your pawtraits are superb. With very best wishes.

  2. I’ve had a few fans ask if I’m going to produce and real advent calendar. 🐭❤️ But the pictures wouldn’t be a surprise now everyone has seen them. Still hoping to make a book one day, and I’ll be sure to add them in there. Thank you for your kind words Robin 🐭❤️

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