46 – International Book Giving Day


Dear Lucy,

To avoid disappointment down at the depot this year, Millie decided to enforce an outright ban on all things Valentine.  Instead, she and Gertrude organised a giant book swap for International Book Giving Day.

Everyone arrived at work with a small selection of books from their private libraries, each containing, as per Millie’s instruction, a nice message to the new owner, hand written on the title page or thereabouts.  Everyone was also asked to make a special bookmark to pass on to a friend.


An inspired idea by Millie which ensured everyone was remembered on Valentines, although as far a productivity was concerned, not much mail went out today due to most mice spending a distracted afternoon with their new reads.

Happy International Book Giving Day!

Love M.M.


Have you shared a book for International Book Giving Day?  Morris would love to hear about any swaps, so drop him a line under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

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