48 – A Tinkle Along the Tracks and Trails

01 March 2017


Dear Lucy,

A sure sign of spring, other than the return flight of the swallows and the first flush of lemony primrose blooms in the shady hedgerows, is the sight of Vernon and his ice-cream van chugging along the tracks and trails of our mouse community.

After a dodgy start Wednesday morning, swiftly rectified by a few short sharp whacks to the starter motor with a hefty spanner, the familiar tinkle of Teddy Bear’s Picnic drifted through the slightly ajar windows of the post office depot and into the ears of some, suddenly wildly excited, mice at around 2.00pm.

Apart from the hearty hails of ‘white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits’ (a traditional good luck greeting for most woodland animals on the first day of each month) the 1st of March had started out to be something of a grey and un-spring-like disappointment until Vernon arrived to brighten our day.  As luck would have it, a short interval of fine weather granted us mice half hour repose in the garden to lick our lollies in the warm sunshine.

Concerned that Millie had missed out on the party due to spending the afternoon taking her old Mum to the dentist, Vernon and myself winged past her cottage on the way home and popped a Neapolitan briquette in the freezer.  Having had a tooth out, I’m sure Millie’s Mum appreciated the gesture.



Mice are particularly partial to retro varieties of lollies and ices. Can you name any of the varieties featured in Morris’s illustration? Do you have a favourite?  Morris would love to hear from you, so drop him a line under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

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