Special Deliveries

Dear Friends,

Apart from my letters home to my good friend Lucy, I sometimes send the occasional illustrated letter to people other than Lucy.

Over a cup of coffee this morning, it suddenly occured to me that although I may have shared these letters and cards over on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, I hadn’t actually published them on my blog.

So here they are –

A little ‘Thank You’ card to my friends at Much Ado Books for taking the time to procure me a signed copy of Lunar Cats by Lynne Truss

Here’s the actual signed book.  It’s a fabulous read, although you should read Cat Out of Hell first to pick up on the whole story.

If you’re ever in Alfriston check out Much Ado Books, it’s a super cosy shop with lots of good reads.

My friend Cate from ‘Much Ado Books’ later sent me a bundle of old postcards to use in my correspondence, so I sent her a ‘Thank You’ letter.

This is a close up of Roger, a very special cat that features in “Cat Out of Hell’.

Here’s a little birthday postcard that I drew for Lynn’s Mother.  If you don’t know already, Lynn is my secretary who helps me load all my correspondence onto the blog whilst I’m away travelling.

Lynn’s Mum kept complaining that she’d never received a card from Morris, so I felt obliged to knock out a quick scribble.

And finally, here’s a quick letter of apology that I bashed out on my new typewriter.  I’m so busy travelling that I don’t always get time to catch up on all my correspondence, however I do find it quite useful to use Lynn as a scapegoat.

I was really pleased with this little sketch so I decided to use it on my postage labels for when I send out my postcard packs which are available to purchase in my postcard shop.

And in other news, I was recently featured in the Summer issue of ‘Town & Country’ magazine so I’ve started a media page in the hope that one day I’ll be able to fill it up with features and articles ….. one little mouse can only dream!

I hope you’ve like this little impromptu blog.  Drop me a comment or a message and I’ll get back to you mouse style.

Bye for now,

Morris Mouse





  1. Thank you Baffled Bear 🐻 You are such a kind bear, and your kindness is very much appreciated. Love Morris ❤🐭

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