52 – The Mail Train

Dear Lucy,

Meagre as my earnings were at the vicarage they did allow the putting aside of a small sum each week in case a rainy day should ever occur. However, after travelling for nearly two years now, that once tidy sum in my savings account has recently been looking somewhat depleted.

As luck would have it, Millie recently found herself a mouse down on her rota after Bert’s retirement and offered me a monthly stint on the Mouse Mail train to help boost my finances, subject, of course, to me passing a week of work experience.

A five-mouse team are rostered in on a five-week turnaround, so if I get the job, I’ll be regularly working with Ronnie, Reggie, Poppet and Veronica.  Ronnie and Reggie are on community service after holding up this very train by catapulting mashed potato at the cab window, last November.  Initially the brothers saw some success, getting away with £7.80 worth of first class stamps from the sorting office and a sizeable consignment of Sherbet Dib Dabs from the buffet car.  An unfortunate chain of events, however, led to them being pinched just a week later whilst holed up in a disused drainpipe in a field near Broad Oak Farm.  Millie spotted a trail of lolly sticks whilst out on a search and rescue mission in the MSARs plane and notified the local fuzz.  Finding a new direction in life, Ron and Reg have vowed to keep their noses clean from now on and to be honest, despite the initial excitement, I don’t think they found living on lollies and drain water as glamorous as first expected.

Veronica and Poppet, being the most experienced workers, have been running me through my duties, which include: emptying mail sacks, sorting mail, delivering the tea and biscuit round, darning and patching damaged mail bags, making evening cocoa and by far my favourite, franking the mail.  Veronica says I’m doing well but just need a little more training on cancelling duties.  On my first few attempts I got into a bit of a franking frenzy and ended up stamping the leatherette sorting table into oblivion.

The evening mail drops are fun as we get time to relax, chat and drink our cocoa whilst watching the world go by from the open doors of the delivery car.  A large catapult is used to fling sacks of sorted mail in the general direction of the surrounding depots.  Ronnie and Reggie always volunteer for this duty.



Do you have any great work experience stories?  Have you ever been pinched by the fuzz?  Morris would love to hear from you, so drop him a line under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

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  1. It’s a first offence Ruth, so they just got the community service. Anymore naughty behaviour and it’ll be two months hard labour! 😂🐭

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