57 – Troublesome Shrubbery

Dear Lucy,

Last week Millie asked if I’d help George tackle a troublesome bush that had grown out of control around the side entrance of the office, so as she might have a little area outside the door and a clear path to the bins at the back of the depot.

After a few days of furious clipping, and despite the rest of the depot mice giving our efforts rave reviews, Millie said that she didn’t think we’d made her job of putting the recycling out any easier.

Hope you are well!



Have you ever dabbled in a spot of topiary?  Have you created any interesting or unusual shapes?  Morris would love to hear about your topiary experiences, so drop him a line under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

Morris will get back to you mouse style.

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  1. Good work Morris, you are hired! The next time I need some ornamental cats creating, you are the mouse for me. Well done!!

    Best regards
    Heather and Cameron the grumpy black cat

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