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17 April 2017

Vera and Bert Dumpling

Delightful stay, lovely cottage.  Pirate Island Crazy Golf is great fun.  My husband Bert won a season pass for scoring a hole-in-one on nine holes.  Old ‘big head’ wanted to take said pass home and frame it, but I said grow up and stick it in the book for others to use.  Enjoy!


5th May 2017

Reece Bryson

Ghost Hunter

Definitely paranormal activity in cottage.  EMF meter went mental most nights, plus three pairs of my pants are missing, presumed stolen.  Great stay!


11 May 2017

Marj and Dorothy Spinster


Wonderful walks to be had in surrounding area but watch your step on Craggy Point.  Advise checking weather reports before venturing.  Dorothy nearly met her maker when thick fog descended unexpectedly and intercepted the view of our path.


20th June 2017

Harry Twitherington

Bluebell End, Kent

Ghost!?  Most enjoyable stay.  Fabulous local restaurants though advise steering well clear of the Seafood Lounge.  Resulting dicky tum had me groaning and pacing the hallway between bathroom and bedroom at 2.00am.  Certainly gave any resident spectre a run for his money!  That said, have lost one green merino wool sock whilst visiting, please forward on if found. (Mousemart Adventure Supplies, own brand)  Thank you xx


13 July 2017

Indigo Dusk

Lifestyle Guru

Ashton-under- Lyne

Fully restored after a week of good clean sea air.  I return home recharged and refreshed with all undergarments accounted for!  Many Thanks


9th August 2017

Alan and Mary Squirrel

Acorn Lodge

Brownsea Island, Dorset

A malodorous stench greeted us on opening the front door …. have booked ourselves into the Grand Hotel on the seafront.  Please return our deposit at your earliest convenience.  Sorry, but Mary is very sensitive.   Alan


10th January 2018

Morris Mouse – Adventurer

Millie Mouse – Under Manager and Pilot

Mouse Post Office Depot

Cosy and comfortable cottage with great sea views.  Washing machine sprang a leak on our second day.  Millie got her spanners and gave it a thorough going over.  All fixed – your overflow was blocked by a number of miscellaneous undergarments.  All freshly laundered, we’ve put them in the airing cupboard ready to send back to rightful owners.

Pirate Island is great fun and the Seafood Lounge is okay if you stick with the cheese on toast. Morris and Millie


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  1. Hi Morris
    Fantastic feedback from you as always!! Isn’t Millie useful? What else can she turn her paw to? I have a spot more decorating that I could do with a hand/paw with which includes painting woodwork, some at low level unless she has her own ladders. Or has she ever put up shelving? Nothing too complicated but need a professional if you know what I mean, not a bodger.

    Do you have any preference for the cheese when eating cheese on toast? I have found the cheddar I have bought recently a tad bland and forgive me for saying this but wouldn’t put it in a mouse trap…. All this cornish, nutty stuff in Waitrose from David someone. Suggestions would be welcome.

    Great to hear from you and are you looking forward to Valentines Day?
    Best wishes Heather and Cameron (I love myself mood) cat xx

  2. Hi Heather, Great to hear from you. Millie is very good at anything mechanical and she does love a challenge. I believe she does have some ladders but I don’t think they’d reach much further than the top of your skirting boards. I can’t imagine you’d want shelves that low down! 😂

    With regard to cheese I must admit that I am partial to anything that’s been smoked and a nice bit of smelly Stilton always goes down well. Worst cheeses have got to be those silly ones full of apricots or raisins, I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to such things. Cheese and biscuits in one area of the plate and fruit on the side! If the cheddar seems a bit bland I’d always advise sexing it up with a bit of brown sauce, horse radish or whole grain mustard. Omg …. I sounded a bit Jamie Oliver there didn’t I! 😂🐭

    Valentines Day is always a good event down at the PO Depot since Millie made it into a book swap day, which reminds me, must go through my library soon to see what I have to swap. I expect the lovely Cameron will be expecting a few cards from his female admirers!

    Hope you’re having a good January, it’s been a bit cold but Spring is just around the corner. Love Morris ❤️🐭

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