63 – The Margate Mice


Dear Lucy,

Over the winter, as part of their Penmanship Badge, Eric’s mouselings have been busy pen paling back and forth with the 1st Margate Brownie Cubs, which turned out to be something of a fortuitous partnership.

Over the course of their correspondence brownie cub Hatty, picked up on a connection between badge activities and decided to ask her leader Verity if it would be possible for both cub packs to get together for a big beach clean up.  The Margate mouselings are at present completing their ‘Environment Defenders’ whilst the PO Depot scoundrels are working on their ‘Coastline Challenge’.

So far our cubs have covered history through a group information board on smuggling around the Kent coast and geography through individual wave action and coastal erosion scrapbooks. Both activities have involved copious amounts of cutting and sticking to such an extent that we’ve now exceeded our glue budget for the year and have resorted to our own smuggling activities from the stationery shelves at the local 24-hour Tesco convenience store.

All working together we’ve managed to collect a ton of old toot from the shoreline over the course of a week which will now go off for recycling rather than ending up in the stomach of some poor unsuspecting sea turtle or great whale.

As a special end of week treat, Eric and I organised a lantern lit ghost trail through the smugglers caves. Though the evening was full of squeaks and squeals at little more than torch shadows and dripping water, we did think we’d spotted one 18th century cloaked smuggler, alerted to us by Cuthbert junior who described his finding as ‘I followed the stench of the corpse of death Mr Morris’. Disappointingly however, the spectre in question turned out to be nothing more than an enormous mound of seaweed draped over a rotting pack of discarded sushi.

Hope you are well!

Love M.M.

Morris would love to hear if you’ve been inspired by his beach clean up activities, so drop him a line under here or his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


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