70 – Naked flames prohibited due to risk of drowning!


Dear Lucy,

It’s been a busy week down at the Post Office depot in the run up to December 1st due to Millie deciding to fill out an application for our depot to take part in the National PO Depot Advent Wreath Decorating competition.

It’s not something Millie generally encourages us to go in for but this year’s first prize of a luxury Christmas food hamper from the prestigious Cheesemans department store sealed the deal when it came to getting that application posted off well in advance of the closing date.

We’ve been practising all week to perfect our design and I must say it’s looking pretty good. Millie put me in charge of tinsel fluffing, which I thought quite a frivolous responsibility until she explained that the arrangement of this particular ornamental favourite had to be just right in order to catch the light and create optimum sparkleage.

Competition rules are a pretty laid back affair with the exception of one obscure entry, which caught our attention pretty early on in the preparations.

Rule 10

Naked flames prohibited due to risk of drowning.

Strange as this may seem, the story behind this strict addition, which came into action two years back makes perfect, if somewhat paradoxical, sense.

To place the events into context I must first set the scene of the competition, which takes place in the historic Sandwich Cathedral, the dedicated resting place of Saint Baldred of Gorgonzola.  The day of the competition is a busy bustling affair with mice swinging in all directions from the rafters and floors strewn with vegetation and decorations of all descriptions.  It was amongst this chaos in 2016 that the Sussex Downs depot accidentally dropped a lighted candle into an unattended box of Christmas crackers that just happened to contain an assortment of novelty indoor fireworks.  Before long rockets were whizzing off to all points of the celestial compass and one such rocket caught an unsuspecting Spencer up the rear, blasting him off his wreath and headlong into the Cathedral font.  Fortunately Spencer survived virtually unscathed with little more than a slight singeing to the rump, but to this day he maintains that were it not holy water into which he landed he may well have found himself a goner.

The minibus is packed and ready to go, so all we have to do now is make sure we set our alarms for ‘stupid o’clock’ to leave us enough time to warm through the breakfast croissants for our long journey down to the Cathedral tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

Love M.M.

As of today Morris starts his Illustrate Advent challenge over on his social media channels.  He looks forward to seeing you there and hopes you enjoy his little run up to the festive season.   Please feel free drop Morris a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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