73 – Trellis

Dear Lucy,

Our Millie is a keen visitor of ‘Flo’s Florist and Garden Centre’ in town, and having been friends since school, Millie likes to pop in on Flo regularly for tea, cake and a good catch up.  Flo is exceedingly good at her job which results in Millie rarely coming away from a visit empty handed, and it is for this reason combined with a generous ‘mates rates’ discount that Millie found herself leaving Flo’s Florist with no less than nine outdoor climbing plants late last August.

Whilst Millie may have an excellent eye for a bargain the same cannot be said when it comes to her apathetic attitude towards gardening.  The climbers having spent the past six months languishing by the back door of the office where they’d been dumped on the very day of their purchase, were now finding themselves in an unruly state of entanglement, the sight of which quite driving Millie mad each Monday when she went to put the bins out.  And so, come Monday afternoon I found myself, at Millie’s behest, scribbling out some suitable trellis designs in an attempt to control the erratic behaviour of both her and her climbers.

Although eager to catch up on my correspondence I wasn’t initially that bothered by this unexpected tasks as I’d had the idea to fob Millie off with a few tracings from some old gardening journals.  Not being a regular reader of horticultural periodicals she’d have no idea that they weren’t Morris originals.  However, as is the nature of drawing and sketching, one often finds oneself consumed by the passion of the pencil and it wasn’t long before I’d moved on from trellises to ornate and complex pergolas with raised beds and ornamental urns.

Pending correspondence well and truly on hold until the weekend, George and I spent Tuesday morning down the wood yard, Tuesday afternoon at the builder’s merchants and the rest of the week in the Post Office Depot garden constructing a pergola fit for a Queen … or as in this case, Millie!

Having recently expanded his yard and hence his business into the field of architectural salvage and reclamation, Dodgy Dave managed to get hold of a couple of cut price urns and a bench that he’d sourced from Mousington Hall.  Dave assures us that these items were discarded after recent renovations, which I hope is true because I really haven’t got time to be answering questions down the station.

All the mice down at the depot have been really excited about the project with many popping down during their breaks to lend a paw, and as I sit here on the bench writing my letters I must say that I think me and George have done a pretty good job.

Millie is off to Flo’s tomorrow … I’ve hidden her purse in the Mortimer Sackler!

Love Morris

Morris would love to hear about your gardening experiences.   Please feel free drop Morris a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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