76 – The Rubber Band Mystery

Dear Lucy,

Whilst I’ve been away in Holland Millie has been keeping me abreast of the goings on back home. She recently wrote to tell me that over the past week the depot had been in receipt of a number of incoming complaints concerning rubber bands strewn about country lanes and Postmice circling their postbags overhead in mock battles on the village green.  Millie had been struggling to comprehend why Postmice Martha and Humphrey had suddenly began exhibiting a wanton dereliction of duty and hence made it her mission to get to the bottom of it … whatever ‘it’ was!

Having mailed Martha and Humphrey and receiving little more than a frustrating automated ‘out of office’ reply, Millie decided to have a word with Gertrude to see if she could shed any light upon the situation, which was a fortuitous move on Millie’s part, as she soon discovered that Gertrude had recently deployed Ronnie and Reggie from Mail Train to Postmouse duties for the duration of Martha and Humphrey being on their annual holidays.

Not ones to falsely accuse any mouse of wrong doing, Millie and Gertrude tailed the brothers the next morning, and although found to be fast and efficient workers, Ronnie and Reggie certainly exhibited a good few behaviours not in line with the current Postmouse Code of Conduct Policy.  After finally catching up with the fast-footed pair by the old gate behind the vicarage Millie and Gertrude marched them straight back to the depot where they spent an afternoon in the training room with an overhead projector and a plethora of informative slides and handouts.

To keep them out of further trouble Ronnie and Reggie have now had their duties extended by an hour a day digging for worms in the tropical garden flower beds at the manor house on top of the hill, this being a consequence for having caused Mrs Audrey Blackbird some considerable distress with their recent antics.  Audrey had come into the depot to complain but was unable to do so due to having a rubber band twisted fast around her beak.

Ronnie was spotted in the chemist on Wednesday by a number of villagers replenishing his supply of relaxing bath salts and Reggie had been frequently overheard complaining about a bad back.  Millie is confident that the pair will take environmental awareness a tad more seriously in the future.

Hope this letter finds you well!

Love M.M.


Morris would love to hear about your opinions on rubber bands in the environment, maybe you see a lot of them yourself, maybe you pick them up and put them to good use.   All ideas and opinions welcome, just drop Morris a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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