77 – Windmill Life

Dear Lucy,

After spending a month in Holland with my friend Hendrick and the artist mouse community of Noordmuishout I’m a bit sad to be leaving.  Although an adventurous mouse by nature I have found the relaxing pace of life in the windmill most welcome.

Not that I haven’t been getting my fair share of exercise as the mill has lots of floors and lots of stairs.  My exercise tracker blew up under the strain on day three so I’ll have to get Winston to try and recalibrate that when I get home.   Well, I’m not actually sure if it was the stairs that caused the explosion or me getting my pajamas caught on the mill’s central shaft on my second evening, but I think it did have some trouble comprehending an eight-hour spin class.

Being a working mill you’re never that far from a fine layer of dusty flour, it’s a bit of a nuisance but does hold the advantage of working like a dry shampoo so I haven’t had much cause to wash during my stay.  Hendrick’s younger siblings Diederik and Arabella manage to keep it to a minimum and are rarely seen without a broom or cloth in paw.

We’ve been to lots of art galleries and museums during my stay and Hendrick has been teaching me all about getting light into a composition which is something the Great Mouster painters were very good at.  The gift shops over here are much the same as back home, cashing in on the buying a piece of history wherever possible, which I don’t really mind as all the profits go to keeping the galleries and museums open and the art safe. I’ve bought Millie a pair of pearl earrings, which I think she’ll love.

Hendrick’s forte is in the painting of Delft tiles so he’s been teaching me all about it.  The advantage of delft ware is that you only use cobalt oxide which is a blue colour so you get to concentrate on your design without being distracted by having to make a decision on what colour to use next.  I’ve become quite good at it, so much so that I even managed to sell a few of my tiles at the market.  The rest I’m bringing home for Gertrude as she’s not happy with the oak paneled splash back she’s had installed in her new en suite and says that the area behind her basin requires something more water and toothpaste resistant.

Thinking about Gertrude there I’ve just had a pang of homesickness, it will be good to get back and see my friends at the Post Office Depot … I wonder what they’re all up to!

Will let you know when I get back.

Love M.M.

Have you ever stayed in a windmill or perhaps stayed somewhere unusual?  Morris would love to hear about your vacations, just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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  1. I visited the city of Delft last April! What a totally charming town, and it has it’s own working windmill for grinding flour. A tour of an historic delftware factory was inspiring. I had the best apple kuchen of my life…so good that I returned the next morning to have it for breakfast before leaving for Amsterdam. 😉

  2. Dear Morris, I enjoyed this letter to Lucy so much! I certainly hope we get to see examples of your blue tiles. 💠💠💠 The cozy recessed cupboard bed looks cozy, was it? How long were you there?

    I have just read a lovely book that featured neighboring Denmark and East Anglia, UK. “Meet Me at the Museum” by Anne Youngson. Anyway, your post and this book made me look at a map and get a little picture of the history of the two places. Going down this rabbit hole eventually led to New Zealand!

    Can’t wait to find out what is going on back at the Depot!

    With love, Denise Leavens

    On Thu, Aug 22, 2019, 9:20 AM The Postal Adventures of Morris Mouse wrote:

    > lynncf posted: ” Dear Lucy, After spending a month in Holland with my > friend Hendrick and the artist mouse community of Noordmuishout I’m a bit > sad to be leaving. Although an adventurous mouse by nature I have found > the relaxing pace of life in the windmill most wel” >

  3. Hi Nana, Apologies for the delay in responding, I totally missed all notifications for comments under this blog. I glad you enjoyed it. I spent about a month in Holland, so much to see and so many galleries to visit. The cupboard beds were very cosy, so much so that I’m thinking of building one at home. I must look up ‘Meet me at the Museum’ it sounds an interesting book. ❤️🐭

  4. The Dutch are seriously good at making pastries and cakes aren’t they Robin, probably why I extended my stay in Holland if the truth be known! 🤣❤️🐭

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