78 – A Journey with Maisie

Dear Lucy,

Eager to finish my latest Maisie Dobbs mystery after not finding much time to read in Holland I decided to land on the southeast coast and take the train back home.

Apart from some strange intermittent clatterings and the odd excitable chorus of squeaks from the next carriage my journey remained uninterrupted as I snuggled down into the plump velvet cushions to finish my book and afterward drift into a deep slumber.

By the time the ticket inspector managed to wake me at Mouse Town most disembarking mice had already left the station and as the eerie silence of the platform followed me to the town library and hung around whilst I exchanged my book I began to wonder whether I’d stepped off the train and into some strange parallel universe.

It wasn’t until I passed by the park and got knocked off my feet by a trumpet-wielding maniac that my fears were allayed and I knew I was back home!

Love M.M.

Do you have a favourite place to read?  Are you wondering what Oscar has stuck up his trumpet?  Maybe you'd like to tell Morris about your latest reads!  Morris would love to hear from you, just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

Morris is a big fan of the Maisie Dobbs series written by Jacqueline Winspear, he likes to share the things he loves with his readers and would just like to say that he does not receive financial or cheese related payments for his mentions.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


  1. Well, Morris and I have much in common! We’re both big fans of Maisie! Every book seems better than the last! My favorite place to read? Up in Northern Michigan at my cottage — maybe on the porch, maybe in my favorite chair by the fire or maybe right before falling asleep in bed. It’s just not the same at home!

    Morris, cute as a button! Every illustration fills me with delight and I only wish I could paint so well as your creator!

  2. It’s lovely to find a fellow fan Gypsy. I sort of started in the middle of the series by chance but am now on a mission to start from the beginning. Jacqueline has gifted us a good friend in Maisie. I’ll let you into a little secret, my creator is ‘very’ familiar with many of the English places in the books. Your cottage sounds like heaven … especially the porch! Love Morris ❤️🐭

  3. Thank you for the intro, Morris–I just borrowed book 1 from the library! Have you found the series to be all right as standalones–or should I try to read them in order from the beginning?

  4. Well actually … I read two books in the middle of the series before realising that 14 had been written. They were good stories and are so well referenced that they worked as standalones. When I then started at the beginning it was like a friend that I’d got to know then telling me about her childhood, which is where the series starts. But, starting from the beginning does make the most sense … happy reading ❤️🐭

  5. … and they get better and better as Maisie gets her teeth stuck into some serious cases! Glad you enjoyed it. I’m on Messenger of Truth (book 4) at the moment although I’ve already read book 6 ❤️🐭

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