79 – The Mouse Town Autumn Musical Extravaganza

Dear Lucy,

As I recall I left you last letter with my account of being knocked over just outside the park in Mouse Town.  The trumpet wielding maniac, whom I’d previously referred to, turned out to be none other than my dear friend Clive who’d been sent into a frenzy after having a bumble bee stuck up the bell end of his trumpet.

As Clive ran wildly this way and that for what seemed like an eternity, Oscar finally took charge and lamped Clive one with a rolled up score of Holst’s Planets, grabbed said trumpet and gave it a sharp enough blast to dislodge the troublesome winged messenger and send it back from whence it came.  Not a singular incident of the evening, Oscar then set about clearing all other instruments, keeping his already existing reputation as mouse town’s biggest windbag well and truly in tact.

I should explain that I’d arrived back just in time to catch the final rehearsal for the annual Mouse Town Musical Extravaganza, which takes place most years around early Autumn.  As well as pieces from the Post Office Brass Band ensemble and the Mouse Town Philharmonic Orchestra, Eric’s Mouseling Cub Scouts were practicing a few numbers on their penny whistles, which from the sound of it, were going to bring more joy to their proud parents than to the ear of the general audience.

As a special treat this year the Margate Mouseling Brownie Cubs had come down from their seaside pack HQ to add a Caribbean vibe to the musical program.  As part of their ‘every fur colour matters’ multi-cultural history month studies they’ve been learning how to play the traditional steelpan instruments of mice from Trinidad and Tobago.

All in all, after listening to rehearsals, I think the concert is going to be a pretty good one this year.  After a bit of a conflab during the tea break, Millie and Gertrude worked out that the bumblebee debacle had been due to the blue and yellow Cub Scout neckerchiefs reflecting their colours in the brass instruments, which in turn caused the bees to mistake them for flower heads.  Once they’d distributed some health and safety posters around the bandstand perimeter the bees resumed their work in the flowerbeds, leaving everyone to practice in peace.

Bye for now, M.M.

Does your village hold a musical extravaganza, do you play an instrument, can anyone explain the difference between practice and practise because I can't ruddy well get it?  Morris would love to hear from you, just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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  1. Thank you for posting such high resolution pictures. I love to zoom in on all the wonderful details. 🔍😉

  2. The Mouse Town Musical Extravaganza sounds absolutely wonderful. As a former percussionist myself, I know I would’ve enjoyed the steel drums. Can’t wait for what other adventures await you, Morris! (Also just started book 2 of Maisie Dobbs–thanks again for the rec!)

  3. They come out pretty clear if you click on them don’t they Margaret, hoorah for WordPress and their wonder technologies! 🤣. It’s so lovely to hear that you’re enjoying my little scribbles ❤️🐭

  4. Oh I’m sure the mouseling Brownie cubs would love you to pop down and give them some expert tuition, they always put their all into their studies. Sounds like you’re now well and truly hooked on Maisie, I’ve just started book seven. Found two editions in a charity shop last week and gave a little squeak of excitement which made the whole shop turn around. 🤣❤️🐭

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