82 – Floodwaters

Dear Lucy,

What with storm Dennis dropping an excessive amount of water from the skies over the weekend, a number of lakes suddenly appeared all over the village making some regularly accessible routes impassable.

As a result, the local radio announced that school would be closed for a full week whilst waters receded.  Most mouselings in the village welcomed a week of freedom but some of our little bookworms were somewhat peeved that they’d miss their regular Tuesday trip to the local library.

Not ones to stand in the way of youthful enthusiasm, me and Eric got a couple of dinghies together and, after placing a quick call to librarians Mary and Margot, donned our waders ready to ferry as many squeakers as possible over to the library. After everyone had chosen their new books, Mary and Margot organised a special story time with some improvised drama and a good supply of squash and biscuits.

On the way home some of the mouselings took the opportunity for some scientific exploration by measuring the depth and average water temperature of the new lake and I heard mutterings about seeing the Mayor with regard to a tree planting program for flood areas. In fact they’ve already asked me and Eric to go out with them tomorrow to help make a map of the ‘flooded bits’.

On return we were showered with cooked gifts and bottles of home brew from many a grateful parent, whom with free paws were able to get some chores done whilst their little ones were away. Later in the evening we paddled a share of our spoils over to Mary and Margo who’d made an extra special effort to entertain the rabble and make us a nice hot cuppa whilst we dried off and waited for story time to finish.

Love M.M.

Morris would like to dedicate this blog to all who the people and animals of the U.K. that have been affected by the recent flooding, to the emergency services and volunteers who work tirelessly to rescue those in danger and to our military service people who've been up all hours building emergency defences.  I raise a warm mug of tea to each and every one of you!  Morris would love to hear from you, just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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