84 – Passage over The Great Dip

Dear Lucy,

I’ll give it to the Cub Scout Mouselings, for their extensive study of the February flood damage along with consequent comprehensive report has succeeded in pushing forward considerable changes to our village over the past couple of months.

March saw an increase in flood defence planting around those areas affected by low-level ‘puddling’ and those they deemed as Environmentally Sensitive Areas or ESA’s for short, namely; the library, the outdoor playground and the chip shop. But perhaps the greatest achievement of these crayon-wielding scoundrels has been in persuading the local council to shell out for a bridge across The Great Dip.

As a reward for diligent work and commendable community effort Eric and myself treated the pack to an educational field trip just as the bridge was nearing completion and deemed safe for little visitors.  After a lengthy talk, lively Q&A session and a paws-on activity where all cubs got to scribe their name on a nail and hammer it into the bridge, Cuthbert Junior raised a paw and declared that although he’d found the afternoon highly enlightening, he felt the excursion had fallen somewhat short in fulfilling the Cub Scout Code of ‘Learning Through Action and Adventure’. Not without coincidence a large construction bucket swung idly below his feet as he made this startling revelation from the central span of the new bridge.

The rest of the afternoon, as they say, is history!

Love M.M.

Morris apologises for the delay in getting this blog post out, changes to the world around him combined with regular trips to Durham to test his eyesight have considerably impacted upon his time.  He hopes you are all well and promises to make every effort to produce a bit more content a bit more often.

Morris would love to hear from you, just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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  1. Thank you for your delightful post…take care and be well💙
    Joanmarie XXOO

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