87 – On His Majesty’s Service

Dear Lucy,

I returned from Scotland to a mountain of mouse chaos that is, as always, the Mouse Post Office Depot.  Eric was grumbling loudly about the absence of auto correct on ‘this blasted manual contraption’ whilst surrounded by so many pieces of crumpled paper he looked as if he’d fallen into a bucket of popcorn.  Gertrude breezed past with her usual armfuls of box files “Some numpty builder decided to go power tool crazy through the Internet service cables Morris!”  Reckoning the calmest part of the building might be the science lab I toddled off down to Winston with an extra large tin of all butter highland shortbreads in the shape of highland terriers.

It seems Winston’s not been idle of late, and over tea and biscuits he related excited tales of a new Time Pod that he’d developed and tested whilst I’d been away. Working independently from the time machine magic envelope system that I’ve been using, the pod, which looks like a giant saltcellar, has it’s own internal integrated control panel. Turning out bigger than originally anticipated and taking up sizeable floor space in the lab, Winston got the builders in to knock through and create an extension, although he’s not told Millie and Gertrude about that yet and has hidden the entrance with a fancy curtain for obvious reasons.

Anyway, Winston set his first trip to London 6thMay 1937 so as to spend a few days sightseeing bygone London before watching the historic royal coronation of King George VI.  Landing his pod on a breakfast table at Buckingham Palace and being mistaken for the table salt he nearly spent the first few minutes of his trip in the King’s Eggs Royale. Winston’s stories are never short but the upshot of his adventure, he relayed as he handed me a very important looking letter, was that he’d got chatting with the King and it seems he was in a terrible fluster because a priceless jewel had fallen out of the Imperial State Crown and no one could find it. On hearing this Winston put my name forward as someone who might be able to help because I was good at finding things, especially with my divining stick.

And so as I write this letter Lucy I’m busy packing up for a trip to London.  I might be quite busy so I’ll just note down a progress report and attach it to this letter once I’m done.

Wish me luck!

Love, Morris

Arriving at the Gates
The ruby is found!
Have you ever been on a top secret mission or have you just lost something and couldn't find it?
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