88 – Remember, Remember …

Dear Lucy,

Most mice ponder over the significance of celebrating the 5thof November.  Clive can’t work out why a ‘foiled’ attempt to blow up parliament should be a good thing, although Millie said it would have been a shame to lose that jolly fine building with those splendid gothic architectural features, but then she changed her mind after Maureen told her that the present day Palace of Westminster was built between 1840 and 1870 anyway after a fire in 1834 took out most of the old buildings, and Gertrude says that she’d be quite happy to shove a roman candle up Boris Johnson’s unelected seat any day of the week.

Intellectual debate aside, no one down at the Mouse Post Office Depot was particularly fond of the ear shattering whizzes and bangs that accompanied the pretty sparkles of bonfire night and having to wear the fashion equivalent of two macarons clamped to your head with a pair of barbecue tongs was neither comfortable nor conducive to good conversation.  

It was hence a cause for true celebration when last year, Winston invented his first ‘noiseless’ firework.  Granted the display didn’t last that long and George actually missed the entire thing because he was busy stirring an extra teaspoon of sugar into his warm cocoa.  This year however, after extensive and multiple adaptations of his first prototype Winston is promising us a full thirty-minute extravaganza.  

Maureen’s had me and Gertrude in the staff canteen all day, I’ve been grating cheese and Gertrude has been stabbing a ton of spuds with a kitchen fork ready for baking on the bonfire.  George has been busy mixing extra sugar into the cocoa powder to ensure that no one misses anything this year.

It should be a good night!

Love M. M.

Morris would love to know if you think Winston's invention of the noiseless firework is a good idea, or maybe you'd like to share your views on politics.

Just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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