90 – Flea Ward

Dear Lucy,

Disaster has struck down at the Post Office Depot by way of a most unpleasant flea epidemic. For most it’s been little more than a quick visit to the emergency pop-up clinic set up at the far end of the staff canteen to receive a spot on treatment and an after care cup of tea, but a few who succumbed to a heavier burden have ended up in Flea Ward at the cottage hospital suffering with exhaustion and what can only be described as an extended ‘bad fur day’ … Bert, who’s one of our mail train drivers, being one of them.

Consequently Millie packed me off on a two day placement at the local Mouse college to gain a ‘Carriage Rail And Steam Higher’ diploma in steam locomotive operations, the class having the unfortunate acronym C.R.A.S.H COURSE LOCOMOTION 101. I passed with flying colours!


Regular mail train shift buddies Ron and Reg seemed disproportionately excited over me getting my drivers licence, which I’d like to think was out of support for a fellow co-worker but more likely, based on past history, down to some devious plan none of us yet know anything about. Last Monday I observed Ron encouraging Tiddles to sleep against the outside south facing wall of the main sorting office and shortly after spotted Reg running around inside declaring the room to be too stuffy whilst flinging all the windows open. It’s not usual for Ron to have any interest in pandering to the comforts of the local moggie nor for Reg to have any preference with regard to ventilation, which leads me to suspect that they’re up to something.

My first shift is this coming Friday on the weekend post run. I’ve been issued a special cap, which makes me look very important and professional. Bert is doing well on Flea Ward, me and Millie visited yesterday with a cheery bunch of flowers and a wheel of Edam which he was most grateful for, apparently hospital cheese isn’t up to much and almost verging on ‘value range’ according to Bert.

With love!


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  1. Hi Morris
    I hope that flea situation sorts itself out oh and well done on the driver’s license.
    I do love your tails…
    Ann aka Grumpy on Twitter too!!!

  2. You must keep a close eye on Ron and Reg as they are scheming something for sure! Best wishes to Bert for a speedy recovery, and I’m sure you look quite handsome in your new cap!

  3. Well done on the CRASH course.
    I do think there might be mischief afoot, keep your peepers open! Hospital cheese is always disappointing I find, best to have extra smuggled in each day but keep it hidden!
    Hope flea epidemic under control now, nasty little blighters.

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