93 – Tangier

Dear Lucy,

Having a lovely time in Tangier.  After getting the mail sorted and handing it over to our contacts at the port postal service we were free to spend a whole two days exploring.

The ship provides handy ‘Ports of Call’ guides for passengers but Snowy and Albert, having worked onboard for over a year now, offered to be my guides to the true Moroccan experience.

The port city of Tangier is, according to Snowy and Albert, very very old.  Morocco’s interactions and exchanges with many other cultures and nations over the centuries is not only reflected in it’s architecture but also in it’s food, a sort of mixture between north African and Mediterranean cuisines.  It’s very spicy, resulting in a few more trips to the toilet than usual but nothing more than one might expect on a curry night back at the Post Office Depot.  Unusually it has fruit in it, and I’m not talking about the puddings, it’s actually in the dinners along with the vegetables!  It’s a cultural difference but not an unpleasant one that’s got me thinking about adapting my recipes when I get back home, I think I might go with adding some chopped apricots to my usual cheese straw recipe but after lengthy deliberation have decided against blueberries in the spaghetti bolognese. 

My favourite thing about Tangier though has to be their sweet mint tea, which is served from a fancy silver teapot into even fancier coloured heat resistant glasses with pretty gold patterns.  I’ll send you over the recipe Lucy so you can brew some up for yourself, it’s delightfully refreshing and a good pick-me-up in hot weather … and it is awfully hot here!

I’m afraid I’ve gone a bit overboard (not literally) in the shopping department. Feeling a bit guilty about being away for so long I’ve blown my entire first week’s wages on gifts for the guys back at the depot, so far I’ve purchased a tangine cooking pot, a crate of glasses, a silver teapot, a hand woven rug and a Moroccan lantern. Snowy’s mate Misbah who lives in Tangier got me a good price on everything and his family helped me carry it all back to the ship.  Misbah was even kind enough to provide shade with a palm leaf on our way back … did I mention that it’s terribly hot out here?

Tomorrow, after a trip to the market to buy tea and spices we’re off in search of some Moroccan tiles, I’ve been learning all about Moorish water gardens from Misbah and had the idea of spending some of my sailing time designing one for a currently overgrown corner of the depot garden.

Well must sign off now if I’m to get everything packed up and ready for customs before we set sail for Gibraltar tomorrow evening and I’m in desperate need of a mint tea!

Love M.M.

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  1. Ooh Morris it sounds like you bought some lovely things in your shopping. I’m sure when you use them back home it will remind you of your wonderful adventure.

  2. Morris, i love to read of your travels and of your life at the post office. I just love all the drawings- and antics of the little mice friends…..

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