98 – Operation Christmas

Dear Lucy,

Shortly after lunch, on what would have been 30th November your time but late August mine, I received a brief telegram from Winston.


TABLE 24 • 0300 HOURS.  = WINSTON +

Afternoon siesta flown out the starboard porthole, I sped along to my cabin to get packed before the evening postal shift.  After setting my alarm clock to ‘you’re seriously pushing our friendship’ o’clock I placed it on a tin tray to ensure maximum clatter.  If it hadn’t been for a touch of residual tinnitus I could’ve heard a pin drop that evening as I reached Mouse Time Pod 1 cunningly disguised amongst the cruet of table twenty-four.

As one might expect Lucy, MTP1 is no different to any other time travel capsule in that it’s a lot bigger on the inside than it is on the out.  As well as the inner sanctum where Winston pulls on his velocity levers and pushes all his technical buttons there’s an excessively long Victorian hallway, library, Tudor style kitchen diner, bathroom and two spacious sleeping quarters with Louis the 14th beds and chintzy wallpaper … extra space fortunate considering we ended up harbouring an accidental stowaway.

To cut a long story short, it turns out that after being woken by my ear shattering alarm Lottie spotted me walking past her cabin, and concerned that I may be sick what with going to bed early and possibly sleep walking in a feverish state decided to follow me into the dining saloon.  Just as we were firing up the engines at one end of the ‘very long Victorian hallway’ Lottie was entering the time capsule at the other.  Lucky for us, Lottie is a diligent locker of doors behind her otherwise I dread to think what may have come of us (Winston later hypothesized that we’d probably all have been ….., so I stuffed a mince pie in his cake hole before it got gruesome!).

All in all it’s worked out quite well as apparently Lottie absolutely loves Christmas and Millie’s delighted at the thought of having a house guest over the festive season.  After a warm welcome and a few festive snacks prepared by Maurine and her team in the kitchens, we managed to get our heads down for a while before bingo night. Apparently Lottie loves bingo too … I have a feeling she’s going to love Christmas 2021!

Hope your preparations are going well!

Love M.M.

May your days be merry and bright over the festive season!
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  1. I love the Mouse Time Pod 1. It sounds glorious inside. You always need a library on distance or time travel. Something exciting to read on the train, like a diary according to Gwendolyn.
    I prefer fiction or exciting traveller’s tales such as a collection of Morris’s postcards.
    My own little home post office is busy, but no mouse help there, so I must just sharpen my pen and get on with sending my Christmas cards myself.
    Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a really happy 2022.
    @rosalindanne (Twitter)

  2. Superb! So pleased nothing untoward happened with MTP1, you never know if the stowaway will shut the door properly.
    I wish you and all at Mousetown and environs a Very Happy And Peaceful Yule/Christmastide. 🥰🎄✨🐭💜

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