102 – Bombay

Dear Lucy,

It was a bit choppy pulling into port at Bombay and as a consequence a number of us mice got pulled off stationery for a few hours to help with the clean up of miscellaneous items that had ‘hit the deck’ whilst docking.  Me, Snowy and Lottie were detailed to meet with ship’s photographer Antoine in the Official Photographer’s Kiosk to sort a heap of camera films that had ended up on the kiosk floor.  

Antoine, as it turned out, is a right lazy bugger who prefers to spend the majority of his time chatting up the ladies rather than getting down to any serious photography business and not being one to miss an opportunity to be even more lazy got us taking photos for an exhibition he was supposed to be organising for the Captain’s birthday dinner at the end of the week.  Me, Lottie and Snowy spent three days wheeling Antoine’s Box Brownie around the ship trying to capture the spirit of the Naldera before developing and mounting the exhibition.

Snowy is something of a photography enthusiast so was well up for the challenge, I’m including a couple of his finer shots ‘Ship’s Wash’ and ‘Still Life with Bun and Bin’.  Needless to say, the Captain didn’t fully appreciate our mouse eye view and was overheard telling Antoine in a very cross voice that “If you ever subject our guests to rubbish like that again you’ll be removing your camera from (somewhere that can’t be repeated)!”  Snowy was delighted that his still life had caught the captain’s attention, he’d worked particularly hard on getting the composition just right so that the light coming from the galley kitchen hit that delicious bun just at the right angle.

Whilst Antoine gets back to some serious work we’ve got a few days off to sample the delights of Bombay (now modern day Mumbai).  First on the list, we’re all off out for a slap up celebratory curry!

I’ll send you home some spices,

Love M.M.

Are you a keen photographer? Do you like snapping unusual compositions? Morris would love to hear from you, just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.
Ⓒ All images and story content copyright of lynncf

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