103 – Ceylon

Dear Lucy,

Having a lovely time in Ceylon.  We’ve spent a couple of extra weeks on the island having been busy with our little baskets on a tea picking mini-break amongst the beautiful highland plantations.

On the last night the guests were treated to a Fancy Dress Ball, and not ones to miss out, us mice decided to join the fun by dressing up for our evening shift.  The 1930’s seems abundant with crepe paper so it wasn’t that difficult to get creative, although I must say doing a shift without costume is far easier.

Pepper came across a technical hitch with his golf bag costume and kept getting the clubs caught on sticky-out things like door knobs.  In the end, out of pure frustration, he snapped them in half, threw them in the bin and just carried on with an empty bag.  I had little trouble in my butterfly as did Albert in his clown nor Lottie in her daisy costume.  

Snowy on the other hand, after having the great idea of dressing as an Ottoman Sultan and using a fountain pen lid as a Fez, made a mental ‘note to self’ by end of shift to always wash re-purposed items thoroughly before wearing.  Our boss Sam (the cat) laughed so hard when he saw the circle of blue/black ink around Snowy’s head that he backed into a filing cabinet and coughed up a fur ball.

Poor Snowy, I assured him that it would wash out in a few weeks and suggested a few dips in the salty ocean water to fade the offending stain.  I remember Millie liberally sprinkling Ron and Reg with table salt and giving them a good scrub after their Christmas bingo blobber incident!

Hope you enjoy the tea I’m posting back.

Love, M.M.

P.S. Ceylon is now known as Sri Lanka 

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  1. Silly me I strained to read your tiny but beautiful writing . Only to see it clearer further down .your costumes were exquisite each and every one of them . Morris. Love you and yours from Anne ❤️

  2. Oh yes, I always type up the letters on the blog so as not to strain the eyes of my human followers, is mice do tend to write rather small what with having tiny paws. ❤️🐭

  3. Hi there,
    Love your Ceylon adventure.
    Enjoyed the details you gave about your costumes for the ball.
    Very impressed.
    You are blessed.

  4. I always look forward to the adventures and your illustrations are just superb.❣️

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