Free Morris Printables – Bookmarks and Colouring Pages


16th March 2020

Dear Friends,

This nasty global virus is hitting us all very hard, and as we spend more time indoors we perhaps need things to help us relax and take care of our mental health.

To this end I’ve uploaded some special PDF sheets that I’m hoping will help.  Based on bookmarks there’s a black and white colouring sheet to keep you relaxed or a pre-coloured version to print, cut out and keep in your current escape reading.

Just click on the links below, right click on the image and go to ‘open in preview’ … then print.

Stay safe dear friends,

Love Morris

Ready paw coloured printable:

Bookmarks Colour Printout

Black and white colouring sheet:

Bookmark Colouring Sheet

Doodle and colouring pages – Follow Morris’s directions and add your own doodles before colouring:

Doodle ONE

Morris and Millie’s Mouse Maze – Print out and colour, or simply download and try to find your way to the garden:

Morris Mouse Maze

NEW – Colour this cosy Christmas Scene

The Great Morris Christmas Colour Off

All documents are for non commercial purposes


  1. Wow! A little mouse directed me here quite a while ago, but it was only after seeing Morris feature on the Cpa video that I remembered and decided to take a better look.
    Makes you wonder what other hidden talents the staff have!

  2. M … a very mysterious name! Are you the M from British Intelligence who has to keep that rascal James Bond in check? I think all teachers have many amazing talents (as I’m sure you’re in a position to know), it really is appalling that the government media machine is treating them like public enemy number one right now. Keep Safe Mr M ❤️🐭

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